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Pooping 101

POOPING IOI POOPIE TYPE • LUMPY LITTLE ROCKS YOUR GUIDE TO BETTER POOPING! LIQUID MESS Oh no! Looks like you need a digestive overhaul. Definite nutrient loss, gut O DO O DON'T irritation or infection. Worsen by stress and lack of exercise. FOOD ? THE MUSHY/FLUFFY MIX CLUMPY HARD SAUSAGE Not looking good. Slight improvement but you still need to work on drinking Check in with stress levels, mineral dense water. intolerances and leaky gut. THE SOFT BLOB 4 SMOOTH AND SOFT PERFECT POOP DRY CRACKED SAUSAGE Oh dear, looks like you might be consuming too many Starting to make headway here. Looking great! Keep up the caffeinated drinks and not good work. enough fibre. add linseeds/chia seeds into your diet to help make your poop easier to pass include some extra fibre like lin seeds, chia seeds, oatmeal/ psyllium husk. add linseeds/chia seeds into your diet to help make your poop easier to pass COLOUR• CONSISTENCY • SINKER PENCIL THIN You need more Straining on the toilet fibre in your diet. causes the entrance to narrow or an obstruction GREEN PALE/CLAY/WHITE YELLOW at your rectum. Associated with Bile duct obstruction or A common sign of diarrhoea, or a lot taking medications. GERD or the liver is UNDIGESTED FOOD of green foods. a little sluggish. STICKY Eating too quickly?! Slow down, chew Poop that sticks to the your food. Possibly deficient in digestive sides of the toilet is most probably caused by excess fats or food enzymes Intolerance. RED BROWN BLACK/TARRY Possible lower Gut Looking good, Maybe a bleeding higher up in the Gut, or taking iron supplements. MUCOUS FLOATER bleed, hermorrhoid, or exactly what we want to see. Large amounts of mucous could mean red foods. Either you're eating a lot of awesome fibre inflammation in your which is causing a FREQUENCY• intestines. little more gas. ODOUR• PER DAY PER DAY +5 Oh, dear! Need to slow 1-3 More than ideal, TIMES the motion down. TIMES great job! This is okay, but ideally we need to speed up This not looking 2-4 5-14 the motion. good. DAYS DAYS SMELL NO SMELL STINKER +14 DAYS Maybe good, Gas mask please! but not overly offensive Poop normally has a mild maybe too dry. May also be a sign This is potentially dangerous! to moderate odour. of gut infection. seek medical advice. DISCLAIMER Erin Gall The information contained on this poster is intended for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for advice, diagnosis or treatment by a licensed medical practitioner. It is not meant to cover all possible precautions, drug interactions, circumstances or adverse effects. You should seek prompt medical care for any health issues and consult your doctor before using alternative medicine or making a change to your regimen. Naturopath & Digestive Health Specialist

Pooping 101

shared by milkwhale on Sep 14
Describing about type of poop and its relation to human body's condition


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