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Plant Based Sources of Calcium

& MODERN HIEROGLYPHS veGa. Plant-Based Calcium We need calcium Calcium is an essential mineral used by the body: to build and for cell membrane maintain healthy bones and teeth, to clot blood, function, for nerve for muscle to regulate conduction, contraction, enzymes. The average (adult) person needs 1,000mg (average = male or female, aged 19 to 55) (but if you're not average, you could need) Child Teen 1,200mg Pregnant/Nursing 1,200mg Post-menopausal 1,200 to 1,500mg Senior 1,200mg 800mg not enough calcium? Adults If adults don't get enough calcium their body will take 1,000mg the calcium it needs from their bones potentially leading to osteomalacia (softening of the bones) and osteoporosis (among other factors). Children If children don't get enough calcium they will not have healthy bone mineralization, 1 800mg which can lead to rickets and lifelong low bone mineral density." Most North American diets are calcium deficient due to insufficient calcium intake and an abundance of calcium inhibitors in common diets. Especially girls between 9 and 18 and women over 50.' (not including supplementation) Top sources of plant-based calcium There are many plant-based sources of calcium. It's not hard to reach your daily calcium needs by eating these common (and delicious!) foods - usually just 2-4 servings a day is more than enough. Legend Preparation Serving Size Cooked 1 Cup A 1/2 Cup 1/4 Cup - 1 Tablespoon ....................... ..................... ................. % = percent of daily value (*DV) 100% = 1,000mg Calcium Vegetables 32/ Artichokes Bean Sprouts Broccoli Bok Choy Calcium Promoters There are several factors that can help your efforts to promote bone 27% health and maintain calcium: Collard Greens Kale Okra Spinach Vitamins Vitamin D, Vitamin C,.10 Vitamin K, 10 & Swiss Chard Turnip Greens Magnesium." Fruits Timing Calcium is more effective if taken in smaller doses spread out over the day." Apricots (dried) Figs (dried) Oranges Prunes Exercise Weight-bearing activities help Rhubarb your bones retain calcium," Beans & Legumes Chickpeas Navy Beans Pinto Beans Soy Beans (Edamame) Calcium Barriers There are several factors that can thwart your efforts to get sufficient calcium: Tempeh Tofu White Beans Caffeine Cause calcium Nuts & Seeds loss and decreased absorption." Almonds Brazil Nuts Chia Seeds Hazelnuts Animal Protein Causes increased amounts of calcium to be excreted in your urine.15 Sesame Seeds/ Tahini Cigarettes Leeches calcium. 16 Grains Salt Amaranth Brown Rice Quinoa Causes increased amounts of calcium to be excreted in your urine." Fortifieds 30%/ 30% 30/ Oxalic Acid Interferes with calcium absorption." Almond Milk Coconut Milk Hemp Milk Soy Milk 30*/ 25 Junk Food Rice Milk Cereals Non-Dairy Yogurt Orange Juice Soda, alcohol, and junk foods can cause calcium loss and decreases absorption." Bonuses Blackstrap Molasses Vega Energizing Smoothie Vega One It doesn't have to be boring It could be simple a bowl of cereal... 25% 30%/ 55% 300mg 750mg 550mg Or more complex an “asian-inspired" salad.. with a tahini dressing 77% 768mg ..or whatever else from the long list of plant-based calcium sources to get your daily 100%. Showing our work http://ods.od.nih.govfactsheets/Calcium-QuickFacts/ Committee to Review Dietary Reference Intakes for Vitamin Dand Calkium, Institute of Medicine. "S Dietary Reference Intakes for Adequacy: Calcium and Vitamin D" Dietary Reference Intakes for Calcium and Vitamin D. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press, 2011. K.D. Cashman (2002). Calciumintake, calcium bioavalabiity and bone health. British Journal of Nutrition, 87, pp 5169 SI77 doi10.1079/BJN|2002534 "Pettifor, John M. (2004) Nutritional nickets: deficiency of vitamin D, calcium, or both? American Journal of Clinical Nutrition vol. 80 no. 6. http:/ Chttp://www.hc-sc.gc.calfn-aninutritionyfiche-nutri-datalindex-eng pho 'http://ods.od.nih.gow/factsheets/VitaminD-HealthProfessional 8 Effect of vitamin Cand carotene on the absorption of calcium from the intestine. (http://www.ncbinimnih.govpubmed/1020374) http://www.ncbi.nlmnihgovlpubmed/1020374 " 1 nttp:// * Heaney, R. P. Weaver, C.M.and Lee Fitzsimmons, M. (1990), Influence of calcium load on absorption fraction. Bone Miner Res, 5: 1135-1138. doi: 10,1002jbmr.5650051107. "Specker, B. L. (1996), Evidence for an interaction between calcium intake and physical activity on changes in bone mineral density. J Bone Miner Res, 11:1539-1544. da: 10.1002/bmr5650111022 *Carbonated beverages and uninary calcium excretion, Am Clin Nutr September 2001 vol, 74 no. 3343-347 "Ince, B. Avery, Anderson, Ellen).and Neer, Robert M. (2004) Lowering Dietary Protein to US. Recommended Dietary Allowance Levels Reduces Urinary Calcium Excretion and Bone Resorption in Young Women. The Journal of Cinical Endocrinology & Metabolism vol. 89 na. 8 *Krall, E. A. and Dawson-Hughes, B. (1999). Smoking Increases Bone Loss and Decreases Intestinal Calcium Absorption. J Bane Miner Res, 14: 215-220. dai: 10.1359ljomr.1999.14.2,215 " Journal of Bane and Mineral Metabolism. Volume 21, Number 6 (2003), 415-420, DOL 10.1007is00T74-003-0437-3, The relationship of sodiumintake to calcium and sodium excretion and bone mineral densityof the hip in postmenopausal African-American and Caucasian women. Laura D. Carbone, Andrew). Bush, Karen D. Barrow and Andrew H. Kang * Calcium absorbabiity fram spinach. AmJ Cin Nutr Aaril 1988 vol 47 no. 4 7O7-T09. ( vega

Plant Based Sources of Calcium

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Whatever our reasons for avoiding dairy, isn’t it great that when grow up we have the freedom and information available to discover options for getting enough calcium in our diets without the moo? C...




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