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Picking Out the Best Toothpaste

Picking out the best toothpaste: What to look for. Look for the American Dental Association's Seal of Acceptance logo. It indicates that a toothpaste has met the ADA's criteria for safety and effectiveness. It also means that the product's on-package labeling and claims have been verified. Toothpaste ADA Accepted It's important for a toothpaste to contain fluoride because it's such an effective cavity preventer. Look for the compounds stannous fluoride, sodium fluoride or monofluoride phosphate (MEP). (2 All ADA-accepted toothpastes contain fluoride. Fluoride Tooth paste Protection Tartar-control ingredients (like pyrophosphate) can help to minimize the build up of dental calculus (hardened plaque) but won't help to remove tartar that's already formed. Sometimes using tartar-control toothpaste causes increased tooth sensitivity. Toothpaste Tartar Control A toothpaste may make whitening claims but don't expect much in the way of results. Toothpastes whiten teeth by way of removing surface stains. They do not change the actual color 4 Extra Toothpaste Whiten ing of teeth. 5 All toothpaste formulations include abrasives. They help to remove debris and surface stains from teeth. Some of the abrasives used are silica, calcium carbonate and aluminum oxide. Too much abrasiveness is a bad thing. ADA-accepted toothpastes lie within reasonable limits. Triclosan is an antimicrobial that is sometimes added toothpaste. It can help to reduce dental plaque, gingivitis and bad breath. There are, however, some safety concerns about the use of this compound. The FDA is investigating. Antimicrobial Toothpaste When used over time, toothpastes formulated "for sensitive teeth" can help to combat tooth sensitivity to hot, cold, air and touch. Look for For Tooth paste Sensitive Teeth formulations that contain strontium chloride or potassium nitrate. There's some evidence that the foaming agent sodium lauryl sulfat e (SLS) may increase canker sore frequency. If you suspect that this is true for you, consider using a SLS-free toothpaste. SLS Free Toothpaste 8 Pro viding information about dental conditions, treatments and procedures.

Picking Out the Best Toothpaste

shared by Animated-Teeth on Feb 11
This infographic provides a series of pointers that can help you pick out the best toothpaste for you.






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