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Perfectionism Disorders in Singapore

PERFECTIONISM DISORDERS Pertoctioniam is al in the mind It starts trom your thoughts and slowty cause mental ilnesses. This dlagram visualised the percentage of the Itetime prevalence aganst popularion-based study of 5 mental disordars evident in Singapore, 20io. In this graph, the oenter symbolze the zro point of the population wth dsorders as t move downwarda. Whie olher parts that grows up. It dvergedinto 8 ditaront sodo-demographic values, namoly, age group, othnidty gander, martal status, education, phisioal condlion, omploymant, andincome per your rOpectholy. saclions folow the same reading alonment which is dociowiao, loft to right. Lkowlae the maor socton, the minor ale an oj andb Scnday Dyy P wiDpe D Engy Enyad The pe pata othe pe v aona heie + OCD e Co veDode oonep v MCO H D

Perfectionism Disorders in Singapore

shared by cindyraissa on Dec 03
Perfectionism is all in the mind. It starts from your thoughts and slowly cause mental illnesses. This diagram visualised the percentage of the lifetime prevalence against population-based study of 5 ...


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