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The Path of the Pill

The path of the pil Vdranal 52% Male condon 16% Injectales plants er patch Vasectomy 9.% 55% Vagal g From the ancient days of potions and plants to the creation of an arm implant to prevent pregnancy, contraceptive methods have come a long way since its first mention on papyrus in 1550 B.C. To mark the 5lst anniversary of the conditional approval of Enovid, the first oral contraceptive, by the Food and Drug Administration on May 9, 1960, skirt! gathered information on the history of the pill. Contraceptive methods anong U.S. wonen uho practiced contraception, 2006-2008 Periodk alstiee 0.4% Tuhal steruation *ncludes emer ncy contraception, temale condomor vaginal pouch, foam, cervical cap, Today ping, suppesitory or insert jelly or ceamwithout diaphragno and other methods. O Eaovil 10 Sales. A is peakin 19A Enovid sold s millon. Pres. a the first alal osdcontxeptive e the marlet. The Food and Drug Adminhtration approves the fist commerctally poduced birth control pill the GA. Searle Companys Eaevid-10. Cons. Biod clets, palmoary embolsn and irezed dhace d stroie wee amg the side elect. Syata reatves FDA approval to sell orthe Movem Abost 12 Amerkan womenare en the pil. O ortho leven Sales: Comlaed with the oter saorl conteptiveseethe matet, by s the saks hit SI50 millen. Pres. s ina kandy did so youcan rememler what day youre on in the cycle- the fnt pil to le Coes. Varikes hermone streghs cnekt cane side ellectso factste thoughost the meth. wnh lowdese pils kting the market, wonen enter the worldorce at higher sembers Sales. For Yar, ake dese birth coutrol pil sakes in 2009 were $14 lon Pres. Lessake elles an the orgd pil megattes meminalcye Coms Sal nd to tale apileery de and ay cae pnd EARLY HISTORY beskthnegh Meling 1550 B.C. Egvotians create 1966 the first formof contraception made of honey, sodium carbonate and crocodile dung. O Contraceptivespo Sales: s pek, the loda peng, the kalig autetuec kadanaml revee of S22 milen. Pros: he spongr waaat e tde coter Cons It wstalen oll the matet in the mid 19o. Alhought K Rlanledin 200 theat mled the sae ppdt Contraceptive sponge i intredecel to the Uaited States. 1640 The first condoms are created out of animal stomach tissues for French soldiers. 1983 1832: Physician Charles Knowiton imvents the syringe method, which was a solution injected into the uterus after intercourse. The FDA appves Depo-Prevea, the fist bormone shot to prevet propancy O epo Pravera Sales: its leight in 20OL . s tate nale S00 ien 1992 18381 Doctor Friedrich Wilde from Germany creates a cervical cap, the forerunner to the diaphragm. in reveme. Pres. let need te etasht every three months. And since there is o estoge, there'so ined kefstele or enbo Coes. May came migaines, can tale p to two weels to take efect, ma male usersmorespthklesoally trasnted deeases. 1998 1880: German sciontist Wihelm Mensinga invents a larger cervical cap, which will eventually become known as the diaphragm The FDA approves the first вевсусвагасеpti, ckaamed "themerning after pill O Emergency contraceptie Sakes: Pan Bdlled itssakes in 2007 to alout S0 mllon. Pros: Canepte e das ter mprotdandialalle at 2000 1924: Japanese scientists discover the rhythm method of birth control by tracking a woman's menstrual cycle. PlanB One Step Com Cncestanyaben fenS0S oet ef ker won t B and vemting ater takingthe pil. О Ннева Lendlk, a hormone jection, and Hirena, an intranterine O Lemele Lnelle s fnd inellertive in 2002 ands Sales. A sitrodaction, Mvena lronght in S6 milion in US. sals. devke, ht the market. Pros: Can prnie lethcool tohe yars Cons: Mest leiertedby atraied edial deenetinsed in the lnted States in ctoler 200S. pitioes. Semesa isestionis ncontortalle O ortho Evra Sales Peakel in 2004 S4l milion, but depped erthe Evra a path, and eatig i the market. O Rating Sales. Ats pak 200, Negmade $440 ilesi Pres: One amoth sell adind hih mles itmoe comenient than ter ethot. Coes. ay cane beadche, yont ietions and ater quetios in product sakty and prie icrOse Pres: Ouly seed ta change it out oe aweek edadof takiga pillevey das Cons. las hiher opeare tbestngn for wemn. Sources Foot and Drg adhinitrton, Ramed Pthoodf Aea, p ne s Implanen, an implantakle bermonecontaeptive ters the uS. market and staysa woman'sam for to thre yars O laвee Sales: Far 20. the sakes for Impkmon were about SI90 mles. Pros: ors erpto three yea Cons la implut the sieetamaktk has to le inerted into your an. THE PILL AND POP CULTURE Centerstor Disese Conts, Gttnater insttute Do you remember Tay th Cantol"by aen Londan the sponge-worthy "Seinteld"? E2 *Tale UniverstyAnerican Medical kocation Rechty Tray Jen Anniallaanulecom 2961 2002 096 2009

The Path of the Pill

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The graphic was made to mark the 51st anniversary of the approval of the Enovid, the first oral contraceptive.


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