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Other Drug Problem In America

AMERICA'S OTHER DRUG PROBLEM PEOPLE DON'T TAKE THEIR MEDS AS PRESCRIBED and it's costing us our health and billions in medical bills Take My Meds? I'd Rather... Nothing But Tooth PHARMACY DENTISTRY L&M LAUNDROMAT GET A DO MY GET A SHOT CAVITY FILLED LAUNDRY 27% 10% 45% TAKE OUT THE TRASH 47% TRASH THE TOP OFFENDERS THE THE NOT WHAT NEW GENDER GAP "INVINCIBLE GENERATION" YOU'D EXPECT Д) THOSE WITH MILLENNIALS 18-34 YEAR OLDS SERIOUS ILLNESS WOMEN 32% 56% 40% of 18- to 34-year-olds say they've quit taking their meds altogether or simply never filled a prescription, over of people who take meds of women say they've quit taking their meds altogether or simply never filled a to treat a chronic or seri- ous illness admit to not taking their medication as prescribed prescription, much higher three times the rate of senlors than men (20%) aged 65 and over (16%) • Hypertension • High cholesterol • Diabetes • Thyroid disease • Heart disease • Cancer 20% 47% of women are more likely to follow their prescription for their pet than themselves of 18- to 34-year-olds say paylng for gas for thelr car Is more Important than paylng for thelr prescription medicatlons WHY WE DON'T TAKE OUR MEDS THE REAL REASONS 25% "It makes me feel old" RX "I don't always trust my 23% doctor or their medications" 21% "It makes me feel worried" "It makes me feel 14% frustrated or annoyed" 10% "It makes me feel sad" WHAT WE SAY "I forgot" "The side effects bother me" "My meds cost too much" RX THIS IS A PROBLEM BECAUSE... Approximately 125,000 deaths per year in the United States are linked to medication non-adherence' Kidney transplant patients who don't follow their prescriptions have a 60% greater chance of organ rejection than patients who do? 24 People not taking their prescription medications costs $290 billion in "otherwise avoidable medical spending" in the U.S. each year HERE ARE 3 WAYS TO ADDRESS THE PROBLEM OFFER IMMEDIATE REWARDS EDUCATE PEOPLE ENGAGE PEOPLE TO MAKE TAKING THEIR ABOUT WHY IT'S BETTER TO ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO FOR THEM TO TAKE MEDS A MORE POSITIVE EXPERIENCE PERSISTENTLY TAKE THEIR MEDS THEIR MEDS AS PRESCRIBED Health SPrize View full report at: 1 Bosworth H. B., Duke University Medical Center, & the National Consumers League. (2011). Medication Adherence: Making the Case for Increased Awareness. 2 Pinsky B. W., Takemoto S. K., Lentine K. L, et al. (2009). Transplant Outcomes and Economic Costs Associated with Patient Noncompliance to Immunosuppression. American Journal of Transplantation, 9,2597-2606. 3 New England Healthcare Institute. (2009). Thinking Outside the Pillbax: A System-wide Approach tolmproving Patient Medication Adherence for Chronic Disease. .......-.

Other Drug Problem In America

shared by HealthPrize on May 07
America has a serious drug problem, but it’s not the one you think. A new survey commissioned by HealthPrize Technologies, a digital health company, found that 47 percent of people would rather take...






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