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The Origins and Paths of Epidemics

SMALLPOX ORIGIN SWEDEN 902 Ronald Ross is awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for discovering malarial parasites in mosquitoes NORTHEAST AFRICA c. 10,000 nc Smallpox is believed to have first appeared with early agricultural settlements RUSSIA 1614 Incidents of major smallpox outbreaks stretch from Europe all the way to Siberia SIBERIA 2009 One of two remaining stocks of smallpox is held under lock and key to prevent possible use as biological weapon 1951 DDT eradicates malaria in the United States O ITALY с. 60 вс Pompey's troops return from Syria with new territory and leprosy ROMANIA 2005 Last remaining leper colony in Europe WESTERN HEMISPHERE 1507 Spanish conquistadors bring smallpox to the Americas ATLANTA 2009 One of two remaining stocks of smallpox is held under lock and key to prevent possible use as biological weapon OASIA MINOR 1350 RC First recorded smallpox epidemic destroys Hittite army CHINA c. 400 C Trade with India facilitates leprosy's spread through Southeast Asia LOUISIANA- MIDDLE EAST and EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN c. 327 HC Returning from India, Alexander the Great's army is said to introduce Jeprosy to the West First effective leprosy drug developed O EUROPE- c. 1200 Erroneously thought to be highly conta- gious, lepers are isolated from society at large in nearly 19,000 leper colonies EGYPT 1570 RC Skin lesions resembling smallpax found on mummies CHINA 340 Earliest written account of using the plant qing-hao for treatment of malarial fever MEXICO 1520 African slaves spread smallpON to North American mainland NORTH AMERICA 18th century European colonists introduce leprosy INDIA c. 1870 Schweppes tonic of carbonated quinine gains popularity among British colonists for preventing contraction of malaria CARIBBEAN ISLANDS EQUATOR and SOUTH AMERICA 18th century Leprosy crosses Atlantic Ocean with West African slaves ISOMALIA WEST AFRICA c. F00 European and North African explorers, traders, and colonialists spread leprosy Last known naturally contracted case of smallpox is identified OINDIA с. 1500 вс Egyptian merchants arrive bearing smallpox PERU 1630 Medicinal bark used by Incas is adopted by Jesuits for treat- ment of malaria INDIA c. 2000 Oldest documented skeletal evidence of leprosy AFRICA 2009 A child dies of MALARIA EARLIEST EVIDENCE malaria every thirty seconds DOMINICAN REPUBLIC 30,000,000 Malaria plasmodium is traced to a mosquito found in a piece of amber LEPROSY ORIGIN EAST AFRICA c. 40,000 BC Likely point of origin

The Origins and Paths of Epidemics

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This world map shows the origins and spreading paths of Malaria, Leprosy and Small Pox. No legend, but the implication is that as the main arteries diminish in width down to small capillaries represen...


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