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Organic vs Non Organic Meat, Poultry, Dairy, and Egg Farming

ORGANIC S NON- ORGANIC Meat, Poultry, Dairy & Eggs Eating hormone-free meat may lower your SYNTHEΤIC Implants or daily injections used to administer synthetic testosterone, estrogen and NO SYNTHETIC OR ADDED GROWTH risk of hormonal HORMONES disruptions and certain HORMONES progesterone, which can: cancers, such as breast and ovarian. Boost growth rates by 30% NO ANTIBIOTICS Reduces the spread RAMPANT Allows farmers to keep animals in crowded & of antibiotic- ANTIBIOTIC resistance bacteria, unhygienic spaces. USE which poses a major threat to the future Contributes to the spread of antibiotic-resistance "superbugs," which could reach our food supply chain. of human health. PASTURE- Forage-based feeding produces meat and CONFINED TO Cost-effective alternative, FEEDLOTS FOR which leads to rapid INTENSIVE FEEDING FOR dairy products with higher levels of omega- 3 fatty acids, vitamin E, growth and highly-marbled ENTIRE meat. GRAZING GRAIN FEEDING A, and B6, plus lower SEASON saturated fat. GENETICALLY Dairy cows are routinely Up to 170% more Omega-3 administered GE MODIFIED Reduces exposure to recombinant bovine growth RAISED ON ORGANISMS hormone (rGBH), which is synthetic pesticides & herbicides, many of 100% CERTIFIED (GMOS) shown to: ORGANIC LAND which are known Increase milk production by up to 15% A carcinogens. $ NO rBGH-treated meat & GMOS dairy is linked to SEWAGE Livestock are fed sewage prostate, colorectal & sludge and other animal breast cancer. SLUDGE remains to minimize costs and maximise profits. Improves animals' health, strengthens their immune systems and SHELTER, SHADE, extends their lifespan. ACCESS TO Contaminates food with deadly pathogens FRESH AIR, IRRADIATION Meat & dairy products are exposed to ionizing radiation to kill persistent pathogens CLEAN DRINKING E.g. Organic chickens have fewer leg injuries and extend the food's shelf WATER & SPACE life. FOR EXERCISE and less infections. FWDfuel SPORTS NUTRITION

Organic vs Non Organic Meat, Poultry, Dairy, and Egg Farming

shared by billytrail on Oct 29
Is there really a difference between organic and non-organic foods? More specifically, is buying organic meat, poultry, dairy, and eggs worth the money? Here, we highlight 6 major areas organic lives...




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