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Oral Hygiene Advice

Oral Hygiene Advise Tooth Brush Techniques There is no right or wrong way to brush teeth. The most important objective of brushing is to remove the soft, sticky, bacteria filled substance that collects on teeth called 'plaque'. Teeth should be brushed for at least 2 minutes, twice daily. Both gums and teeth should be brushed with a circular brushing motion. All surfaces of teeth should be cleaned. Biting Surfače Outside Inside Tongue Tooth Paste Brushing daily with fluoride toothpaste can reduce dental diseases. It should be treated as a medicine and be kept out of reach of children to avoid any eating or licking from the tube. Children under 3 years should use toothpaste containing 1,000ppm (parts per million fluoride) Toothpaste should be şlight Smear on the brush bristleš. Children under 3-6 years should use family toothpaste containing 1,500ppm is recommended. Toothpaste šhould be amount of pea-sized. Dentist recommended 1,3500ppm fluoride in toothpaste for adults and if someone suffering from decay 2,800ppm fluorides suggest by doctors. Flossing Techniques Regular flossing is the single most important thing to prevent from gum disease. Take about 40cm floss and wrap the ends around the second finger from both hands and leave a sňall piece between the hands. Holding the floss tightly and glide the floss gently between your Yeeth. Then curve the floss into C-shape against one tooth and gently slide it beneath your gums. Slide the floss up and down, repeating for èach tooth. Diet Sugary food and drinks should be čonsumed at mealtimes only. Choose snacks that do not contain sugar like - bread, cheese, fresh fruits, vegetables and drink water. If Possible avoid "Sweets as Treats". Preventive Dental Care among People 21.6% Yes No 78.4% Preşented By Ombersley Family Dental Practiçe www.ombérsleyfá

Oral Hygiene Advice

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Oral healthcare is essential part of our general health. It involves more than just brushing and flossing your teeth. This infographic helps you how to take care of your teeth.





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