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One Drink Too Many: Is it the result of Nature or Nurture?

ONE DRINK TOO MANY Is it the result of Nature or Nurture? Risk of Alcoholism is 50% ENVIRONMENTAL HEREDITARY 50% Alcohol Abuse or Dependence 17.6 Million people suffer from alcohol abuse or dependence That's 1 in every 12 Adults Family History Of Alcoholism 50% ALCOHOLISM HISTORY OF 50% NO HISTORY OF ALCOHOLISM Growing Up With Alcohol Abuse 7 MILLION CHILDREN Live in a household where at least One parent is dependent on or has abused alcohol HEREDITARY ALCOHOLISM Alcoholic Parents 25% OF ALCOHOLIC'S CHILDREN BECOME DRINK DEPENDENT Gene Related to Alcoholism Scientists have determined the gene related to alcoholism is the GABRA2 GENE Twins and Alcoholism IF ONE TWIN IS AN ALCOHLIC, WHAT'S THE CHANCE THE OTHER TWIN WILL BECOME ONE TOO? Identical 76% Fraternal 26% 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 Non-Genetic Causes of Alcoholism Depression & Anxiety Parental Attitudes Abuse Stress ENVIRONMENTAL ALCOHOLISM Primarily You Drink To 1% Man Up 2% Hook Up 4% Forget That l'm Miserable 6% Get Drunk 24% Enjoy The Drink 25% Relax 39% Socialize 80 WHAT DOES YOUR MOOD 68% 70 BECOME AFTER, SAY, 60 3 DRINKS? 50 40 30 20%. 20 10% 10 1%. Angry Annoying Sleepy Flirtacious Happy The Situation You're Most Likely To Drink At Home 36% Most Nights | 6% 12% 3% 44% Bad Day • • Getting Ready For A Date Entertaining Never Drink At Home CURRENT REGULAR DRINKING STATS Region Of Current Drinkers 48% 52% 55% 56% Adults In Adults In Adults In Adults In The South The West The Midwest The Northeast Education Of Current Drinkers 8% 23% 31% 38% HS Diploma or GED Bachelor's Degree or Higher Less Than Some HS Diploma College Family Income Of Current Drinkers 26.8% 12.9% 18.9% 41.3% Less Than $35,000 $35,000 to $49,999 $50,000 to $74,999 More Than $75,000 Clarity Way SOURCES: NY TIMES - ESQUIRE - UTEXAS.EDU · CDC.GOV - NCADD.ORG Frd your poth k ooer

One Drink Too Many: Is it the result of Nature or Nurture?

shared by michrebecca on Apr 19
This infographic highlights the reasons how and why people become alcoholics and breaks down those reasons into two categories: Nature vs. Nurture.


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