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Office Desk Yoga

OFFICE YOGA It's over 5,000 years old and practised by millions of people around the world: we are of course talking about yoga. With our hectic 21st century lifestyles, time to re-energise and relax our bodies and minds is sadly lacking. Fortunately though, small changes to your routine can help to improve health, reduce stress and boost performance. Here are five feel-good yoga poses you can practise without having to leave your office desk. CHAIR CAT COW STRETCH WHAT DOES IT DO? 30 IMPROVES POSTURE AND BALANCE STRENGTHENS AND STRETCHES THE SPINE AND NECK INHALE O EXHALE REDUCES LOWER BACK PAIN 1. 2. 3. 4. Inhale: arch your back, look up, push your Sit on a chair with Exhale: round your Continue moving your spine stretched spine, bring your between cow on the and both feet flat on belly forward and shoulders forward inhalations and cat the floor shoulders backwards. and look downwards. on the exhalations This is cow position This is cat position for five breaths 28% OF REPORTED BACK PAIN IS LOWER BACK PAIN CHAIR RAISED HANDS WHAT DOES IT DO? 30 IMPROVES POSTURE 30 OPENS SHOULDERS STRENGTHENS CORE INHALE O EXHALE 1. 2. 3. 4. Exhale: slowly sweep Sit on a chair facing forwards with your Inhale: raise your Hold this position for arms toward the a few breaths your arms out to the feet flat on the floor ceiling sides NAVAL OF PEOPLE WITH BACK PAIN SUFFER FROM HERNIATED DISCS, WHICH CAN BE CAUSED BY POOR POSTURE 25% CHAIR EAGLE POSE WHAT DOES IT DO? LOOSENS WRISTS AND SHOULDERS 30 RELEASES TIGHTNESS BETWEEN SHOULDER BLADES AND ACROSS SACRUM 3% STRENGTHENS LEGS 1. 2. 3. Cross your left thigh over your right thigh. If you can, Lift your elbows while dropping your shoulders Bend your elbows and bring your palms forward until they wrap your left foot all the away from your ears. way around your right calf touch Hold for three to five breaths 10% OF THE WORKING POPULATION SUFFERS WITH RSI CHAIR SPINAL TWIST WHAT DOES IT DO? 30 RELIEVES BACK PAIN AND STIFFNESS OPENS THE CHEST AND INCREASES THE OXYGEN SUPPLY TO THE LUNGS 30 LOOSENS THE HIP JOINTS 1. 2. 3. 4. Sit sideways on a chair, Twist your torso Lengthen your spine on each inhalation and Move your legs around facing the right toward the right, to the left side of the holding onto the back twist on each exhalation chair and repeat the of the chair for five breaths twist for your left side 160,000 HIP REPLACEMENTS ARE PERFORMED EVERY YEAR IN THE UK SEATED DOUBLE HAMSTRING WHAT DOES IT DO? 30 STRETCHES OUT HAMSTRINGS AND LOWER BACK IMPROVES CIRCULATION 3% EASES LEG TIGHTNESS 1. 2. 3. 4. Sit near the edge of the chair and place your Only go as far forward as you can Place a towel around Lengthen your back the balls of your feet and lift your sternum. feet on the floor From the hip crease, with your back and knees straight lean forward OF SCIATICA CASES ARE CAUSED BY LOWER BACK AND HAMSTRING TIGHTNESS NA 70% REFERENCES f URNITURE@Work Building Healthy Lungs Naturally - By Mike White UK's Best Prices!

Office Desk Yoga

shared by ginodb on Aug 12
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to do a Yoga stretch in the office without anyone pulling some funny looks? Well, this office desk yoga infographic is designed to do that and also help re...


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