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Obesity In The U.S.: Fighting The Epidemic With Proper Diet & Exercise

OBESITY IN THE U.S. Fighting the Epidemic with Proper Diet & Exercise UNDERSTANDING OBESITY From 2009-2010, OBESITY-RELATED CONDITIONS INCLUDE SOME OF more than one-third of U.S. THE LEADING CAUSES OF PREVENTABLE DEATH: adults were obese. HEART DISEASE TYPE 2 DIABETES 35.7% STROKE CERTAIN TYPES OF CANCER AN EXAMPLE OF BMI HEIGHT WEIGHT RANGE BMI CONSIDERED 124 LBS. OR LESS BELOW 18.5 UNDERWEIGHT For adults, overweight ranges are determined by using weight and height to 125 LBS. TO 168 LBS. 18.5 TO 24.9 HEALTHY WEIGHT 5'9" 169 LBS. TO 202 LBS. 25.0 TO 29.9 OVERWEIGHT calculate a number called 203 LBS. OR MORE 30 OR HIGHER OBESE the body mass index (BMI). WHY BMI? BMI is used because, for most people, it correlates with their amount of body fat. MANAGING OBESITY WITH PROPER DIET A diet that is individually planned to help create a deficit of 500 to 1,000 calories a day should be part of any program aimed at achieving weight loss of 1 to 2 Ibs. per week. Low-calorie diets are recommended for weight loss in overweight and obese persons. MYPLATE, A NUTRITION GUIDE PUBLISHED BY THE U.S.D.A., IS DIVIDED INTO PORTIONS OF APPROXIMATELY: NUTRITION TIPS 20% PROTEIN Make half your plate I. fruits and vegetables. 2. Make at least half of your grains whole grains. 3. Meat and poultry choices . should be lean or low fat. 0% VEGETABLES Accompany MyPlate with a cup of low-fat or fat-free dairy, such as milk or yogurt. Switch to fat-free or 4. low-fat milk. MANAGING OBESITY WITH REGULAR EXERCISE Physical activity should be an integral part of weight-loss therapy and weight maintenance. INITIALLY, MODERATE LEVELS OF PHYSICAL ACTIVITY FOR 30 TO 45 MINUTES, 3 TO 5 DAYS PER WEEK SHOULD BE ENCOURAGED. All adults should set a long-term goal to accumulate at least 30 minutes of moderate- intensity physical activity on most days. AEROBIC EXERCISES HAVE BEEN PROVEN TO REDUCE ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION. THESE INCLUDE: PHYSICAL ACTIVITY CAN LOWER THE RISK OF: EARLY DEATH HEART DISEASE STROKE TYPE 2 DIABETES JOGGING SWIMMING HIGH CHOLESTEROL WEIGHT GAIN HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE CYCLING WALKING GARDENING DANCING This infographic is meant for informational purposes only, not for health guidance. Consult your health care professional with all health-related questions. Individuals who have developed any of the conditions listed should first see a health care professional before following the regimen outlined in this infographic. SOURCES: Brought to you by [email protected] Master's in Nursing Delivered Online NURSING Lį»ŠCENSE MAP Nursing Licensure Made Simple Created by OBizMedia A special thanks to Myrtle McCulloch, EdD, RD, assistant professor in the Department of International Health at Georgetown University School of Nursing & Health Studies, for her review of the nutrition content of this infographic. 30% GRAINS 20% FRUITS

Obesity In The U.S.: Fighting The Epidemic With Proper Diet & Exercise

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This infographic explains how proper diet and exercise can help fight the epidemic of obesity in the United States.


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