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Obesity: Costs & Chronic Conditions

OBESITY Costs and Chronic Conditions $73.1 BILLION Over a five-year period, the total medical costs of obesity have grown by more than 80%. They include Heart Disease, Type II Diabetes, Sleep Apnea, and hypertension. amount US employers must pay additionally each year for obesity- related issues among full-time employees. $466,010 excess costs per year associated with obesity for a firm with 1,000 employees. Nearly half of healthcare costs related to obesity 38-34 come from those in the BMI 30-34 category. Of all diabetics, 90-95% Type // Diabetes have Type 2 Diabetes, 80% of people with Type 2 Diabetes are obese. Conditions related to Type II diabetes include: 1•411 Death Rates: Diabetics with heart disease 4TTTT are 2-4 times higher than those without diabetes in Stroke Risk: 2-4 times higher for those with diabetes than those without it Americans are pre-diabetic, which can be halted with High Blood Pressure: Requires prescription medications for hypertension weight loss. 2.3 Healthcare costs are Blindness: Largely caused by diabetes, affecting 1 in 4 diabetics 2.3 times higher than for those without diabetes. Kidney Disease: Largely caused by diabetes, affecting nearly 1 in 2 diabetics Nervous System Damage: 60-70% of diabetics have mild to severe forms of nervous system damage Annual healthcare costs are $6,600 HIGHER Amputation: more than half of lower-limb amputations occur in diabetics for those with diabetes vs. those without. Heart Disease 1 in 2 Americans have at least one of three risk factors for heart disease. 150 200 104 100 250 in 50 300 deaths are caused by heart disease in the US each year High Blood Pressure High Cholesterol Smoking $312.6 BILLION This includes: DIRECT COSTS and INDIRECT COSTS Lost productivity that results from morbidity and premature mortality Physicians and other professionals, hospital services, prescribed medications, home health care, and other medical durables The total direct and indirect cost of heart disease and stroke in the United States for 2009. Hypertension Sleep Apnea Bateoarthritis A sufferer of sleep apnea can experience up to 60 apnea episodes an hour during sleep, and around 400 per night. Being 10 pounds overweight 2 increases the force on the knee by 30 to 60 pounds with each step taken while walking. 12 11 2 of adults older than 20 years of age have hypertension 10 31.9% Sleep apnea is prevalent in as many as an estimated 1 in every 15 Americans; 1 in 50 individuals are undiagnosed. in People with untreated Americans suffer from cases of sleep apnea hypertension. | face risk of stroke. Each pound of excess body fat adds the 4 LBS. equivalent of 4 pounds of stress to the knees. %2493.5 BILLION 48- More than 50% of sleep + apnea cases are diagnosed in people 40+. Studies have shown that Dollars per year of direct and indirect costs of hypertension Smokers are 3x as likely to have sleep apnea than non-smokers. knee osteoarthritis, a degenerative joint disease, is 4 to 5 times 1 in 10,000 will die as a result of hypertension. Roughly half of hospital patients with hypertension also have sleep apnea. Untreated sleep apnea sufferers are also 3x as likely to have heart disease. more common in overweight people compared with people who are of normal body weight. 3X 1962-2013 Obesity is One of the Leading Drivers in Healthcare Costs Today. And it's affecting your bottom line. By creating and encouraging a corporate culture of health and investing in intensive behavioral support for employees, you can improve employee health, improve productivity, heighten employee morale, decrease healthcare costs, and potentially improve the financial performance of your organization. Find out more at Weight Talk Alere Wellbeing TM © 2013 Alere. All rights reserved. 4- 5.

Obesity: Costs & Chronic Conditions

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Obesity is one of the leading drivers in healthcare costs today. This infographic highlights a few of the main chronic conditions that contribute to these rising costs.


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