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Obesity Around The World

OBESITY WORLDWIDE 65% 1.5 BILLION ADULTS ARE OVERWEIGHT O. 25% OF THE WORLD'S POPULATION LIVE IN COUNTRIES WHERE THEY ARE MORE LIKELY TO DIE FROM OBESITY THAN MALNUTRITION BY THE NUMBERS: HIGHER HEALTH CARE YOU NEED TO BURN 3500 COSTS COMPARED 200 e 300 TO A PERSON OF AVERAGE MILLION MILLION CALORIES TO DROP A SINGLE WEIGHT MEN WOMEN ARE OBESE. 43 POUND OF BODY FAT THAT'S MORE THAN MILLION 10% CHILDREN UNDER 5 ARE OVERWEIGHT That's about 9 hours on the elliptical That's almost 7%! WORLD'S FATTEST COUNTRIES OF THE ADULT POPULATION AND THE PROBLEM IS GROWING $300 NAURU FSM Federated States of Micronesia 94.5% overweight OBESITY IN 1980 OBESITY IN 2008 BILLION 91.1% overweight 7.9% 13.8% ANNUAL HEALTH CARE COSTS FOR OBESITY IN THE OF WOMEN OF WOMEN COOK ISLANDS 4.8% 9.8% U.S. AND CANADA TONGA OF MEN OF MEN 90.9% overweight 90.8% overweight SEVERELY OBESE PEOPLE DIE UP TO NIUE 81.7% overweight 10 YEARS SOONER SAMOA 80.4% Overweight overweight and obese THAN THOSE OF are defined as abnormal or excessive fat NORMAL WEIGHT accumulation that PALAU KUWAIT may impair health. INFOGRAPHIC BROUGHT TO YOU BY 78.4% overweight 74.2% ACTOSINJURYLAWYERS.COM overweight CREATED BY OBIZMEDIA.COM BMI=KG/M² KIRIBATI USA 74.1% overweight 73.6% overweight Body mass index (BMI) is a simple index of weight-for-height that is commonly used to classify overweight and obesity in adults. To determine your BMI, divide your weight in kilograms by the square of your height in meters. In Japan, about one-in- every-20 adult women is obese, сотpared to one-in-10 in the Netherlands, (For those that don't do metric, that's your weight in pounds x 703, divided by your height in inches squared, or 703Lb/I*) one-in-four in Jordan, one-in- three in the United States and Mexico, and up to seven-in-10 in Tonga. WHAT'S YOUR BMI? >25 >30 >35 >40 Overweight Class I Class II Class III Obese* Obese Obese *As Asian populations develop negative health consequences at a lower BMI than Caucasians, some nations have redefined obesity: for the Japanese, obesity is any BMI greater than 25: China uses a BMI of greater than 28. SOURCES:;; html: 50-by-2030.html;;; http://thechart.blogs.cnn. com/2011/08/25/study-world-is-getting-fatter-needs-to-stop/;; ticles/2011/agingpopulationelocks.aspa

Obesity Around The World

shared by obizmedia on Oct 20
This infographic highlights obesity around the world. For example, 300 million women and 200 million men are obese!





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