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Obesity in America

ODESITY IN AMERICA It's coming – obesity is spreading across America faster than a zombie plague. Don't believe it? Take a look at the statistics. SPREAD OF OBESITY Being overweight is infectious. Friends of those who become obese risk a 57% chance of also becoming overweight. 15%-19% NOMNOMNOM 20%-24% Studies have shown that binge eating of sugar 25%-29% 230% sweets can cause an addictive response in the brain similar to illegal drugs. 24% Normal 34% Currently, 34% of Americans Obese are obese while another 32.27% are overweight, for a combined total of 66.27%. 32% Overweight AАНН.. The college environment often leads to Stress and depression can be temporarily alleviated by eating. Cortisol, a stress hormone, also causes weight to be retained in several key areas. America's risk factor? weight gain, 7.8 Ibs in the first year of enrollment. GAAAHH!! And since college enrollment has increased by 3.7 million people in the last ten years, that's 28.86 million extra pounds of educated flab. The closer a school is to a fast food restau- rant, the more student obesity it has. Overstressed: 75%, up from 59% last year. Depression: At 9.6%, America has the highest depression rate in the world. Thank you come again! It should come as no surprise when: $$$ Only 40% of Americans exercise regularly. Healthy foods cost roughly 10 times as much as The average American school is only 600 meters away from fast food, a seven minute walk or a far shorter cruise to the drive through. unhealthy junk foods. Half of inner city children spend 4 or more hours a day playing video games or watching TV. BUY!! BUY!! BUY! BUY!! This may be the reason why childhood obesity has quadrupled in the last forty years. BUY! $10 billion dollars are spent marketing food to children. Still not worried? 10% of national medical costs are spent dealing with complications and disease brought on by obesity- roughly $147 billion tax dollars every year. It takes dedication to increased daily calories to keep winning the gold, and Americans have it. Daily caloric intake for the upcoming obesity Olympics: In the obesity Olympics... United Kingdom gets the bronze at 23%. Team U.S.: 3790 Team Canada: 3180 Mexico takes the silver at 24.2%. Team Mexico: 2580 Team U.K.: 2190 The U.S. brings home the gold at a whopping 30.6%, beating it's competition by more than 6%- roughly 18.6 million people! Team China: 2170 Team Somalia: 1830 It's easy for America to stay ahead with serving sizes far increased in the last 60 years: Still, we choose what we put into our bodies, right? Not entirely – food deserts, areas with little to no access to healthy foods, exist throughout America, eliminating the option to eat healthy entirely. 1950 Now Meal at McDonalds 590 calories 1550 calories Bottle of Coke 12 oz. single 20 oz. single Bagel 2-3 oz. 4-5 oz. information provided by: Sources:;88/10/4924,8599,1900947,00.html ШI

Obesity in America

shared by judithgold on Dec 28
Obesity is a problem thats quickly spreading in the U.S. This infographic takes a look at obesity and the stats on obesity in America and around the world. The infographic shows that little access to ...


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