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Obesity in America

hartman GROUP OBESITYINAMERICA AN EPIC AMERICAN TALE OF SELF-IMPROVEMENT THROUGH UNDERSTANDING AND CHANGING ONE'S ORIENTATION TO FOOD WEIGHT MANAGEMENT SEGMENTATION IMPULSIVE EATERS HOW DO YOU RATE YOUR HEALTH? As obese consumers become more advanced weight managers, they become more comfortable with their obesity EXCELLENT- PAST AND PROJECTED OVERWEIGHT RATES VERY GOOD POOR Can the obesity problem be solved? FAIR GOOD - Soaring obesity rates make the US one of the fattest countries on the planet. Overweight and obesity rates have increased steadily since the 1980s in both men and women. Three out of four people are projected to be cor obese within 10 yea "I'm intentional" In charge of eating = Eating for nourishment and tó feel good CONFLICTED EATERS HOW DO YOU RATE YOUR HEALTH? "I eat what I want" - 20% ATUITIVE ove EATERS VERY GOOD Eating is dominated by cravings Driven by instant gratification of moods, tastes, hunger POOR CÁNADA- GOOD ENGLAND FAIR UNITED STATES SPAIN CONFLI EATERS 47% INTUITIVE EATERS HOW DO YOU RATE YOUR HEALTH? AUSTRIA "I'm trying" Struggling to control cravings Gratification is negotiated ("Soda now, means running later.") ITÁLY- EXCELLENT- AUSTRALIA POOR 30% FRANCE VERY GOOD FAIR KOREA GOOD- 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 2020 SOURCE: "Obesity and the Economics of Prevention: Fit not Fat - United States Key Facts." OECD, 2011. DEFINING OBESITY CONSUMER COMMENTS: FACTORS CONTRIBUTING TO OBESITY IN AMERICA "The shame factor for weight has diminished these days." "Who's able to look like all those models anyway? They are the minority!" Obesity doesn't carry the same culturál stigma it once used to Junk food, comfort foods and frequent snacking present the largest challenges to overweight consumers As American waistlines expand, there is a diminished sense of urgency to lose weight because their social networks, on average, are heavier. Survey said... Ethnographies said... People eating too much fast food 84% "We eat far too much junk food." Distribution of Adult Consumers Lack of exercise and 84% "Americans just don't get enough exercise According to Self-Assessed Weight physical activities Most Americans see themselves as being overweight People eating too large of portions 83% "We just don't know when to stop." People eating too many calories per day 80% "You can get food anywhere and at any time." People eating to0 much fat 78% "Fried is just better!" INTERNAL FACTOR EXTERNAL FACTOR People eating to0 much sugar 76% "We love our sweets. Individuals' lack of 75% "Americans have no self-control." self-control EXTREMELY NORMAL WEIGHT EXTREMELY UNDERWEIGHT OVERWEIGHT Fast food 73% "Fast food is just too convenient and cheap." restaurants Consumers across all BMI categories are assessing their own weight as being heavier than it was in 2004. People eating to0 many processed foods 71% "If we could just make healthy food taste good." People eating too many carbohydrates 63% "People just crave carbs." 2004 ACTUAL BMI=Normal/Underweight 2010 The hectic lifestyles of most Americans 61% "We're so busy that we don't pay attention to what we eat." Too much in-home entertainment 60% "We're just a nation of couch potatoes." ACTUAL BMI=0verweight People eating too frequently during the day 55% "We have no idea how much we snack during the day." The high cost of eating healthily S 54% "Healthy food is really expensive." ACTUAL BMI=0bese Vending machines at work and in schools 52% "The vending machine at the office needs better options." Lack of education i 52% "I have no idea how nutrition really works." EXTREMELY NORMAL EXTREMELY UNDERWEIGHT WEIGHT OVERWEIGHT on nutrition Underweight BMI: <18.5 Normal Weight Overweight BMI: 18.5-24.9 Severely Obese BMI: 35-39.9 Morbidly Obese BMI: >40 Severely Obese BMI: 35-39.9 Obese Morbidly Obese Obese Overweight Normal Weight BMI: 25-29.9 BMI: 18.5-24.9 Underweight BMI: <18.5 BMI: 25-29.9 BMI: 30-34.9 BMI: >40 BMI: 30-34.9 SOURCE: "How America Eats 2011: The Crucial Role of Food Culture Inside Weight Management" The Hartman Group, Inc., 2011. O 2011 The Hartman Group, Inc. All rights reserved. wwW.HARTMAN-GROUP.COM %ɛɛ TRUE WEIGHT MANAGERS

Obesity in America

shared by judithgold on Dec 07
This infographic provides information for the rate of obesity in the United States. It shows the factors that lead to obesity in the U.S and why people continue to carry on those habits.


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