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Nutrition in UK Children

Nutrition in UK Children Vitamin D An overview of nutrition and the common Cases of Rickets in the UK nutritional deficiencies increased by 314% (1996-2011). in children in the UK. The bone disease is usually caused by a Vitamin D and/or calcium deficiency. The Department of Health recommends children aged 6 months- 5 supplement containing 7mcg of Vitamin D a day. years take a Iron Junk Food 46% of Children Are Deficient* Low nutrition foods high in sugar and fats are one thing not deficient in most UK Lack of Iron results in Anemia. Symptoms include tiredness, breathlessness & pale skin. In children, Anemia can affect mental children's diet. Almost 1/4 of children are overweight by the time they start primary school, and more than 1/3 are unhealthily heavy by the time they leave. & physical development. Infants over 6 months are lin particularly vulnerable. Selenium Magnesium 33% of Children Are Deficient* 46% of Children Selenium is a trace element that Are Deficient* is vital to immune system function. Magnesium is linked to healthy teeth, bone & muscle structure! Vitamin C 175 people from low Potassium incomes are deficient Scurvy (caused by vitamin C deficiency) is most common in children aged 6-12 months 35% of Children who are fed a diet deficient in citrus fruits or veg. Symptoms include; lethargy, shortness of breath, easy bruising & poor wound healing. It can cause Are Deficient* Potassium is vital to healthy heart function and contributes to healthy kidney function. Too little can be problematic, but too much potassium can be dangerous. convulsions and sudden death. Scurvy can be fatal if it's left untreated. *Based on children aged 11-18 this percentage falls below the Lower Reference Nutrient Intake (LNRI) for this nutrient. Children are likely to be more vulnerable to nutritional deficiencies if they are fussy eaters or do not have a varied diet. Having a varied diet of foods full of vital nutrients and vitamins is important to prevent these nutritional deficiencies and their risks. Receiving the optimum amount of nutrients and vitamins is par Children from low income families may be larly vital to this more likely to suffer from some nutritional deficiencies and age group as they are still developing. may be entitled to support. Too much junk food, sugars and fats in place The D.o.H. recommends some supplements to promote prevention of some of the health risks associated with nutritional deficiency. of more nutritional foods can contribute to these nutritional deficiencies as well as having their own associated negative impacts. Sources: | matten/rickets-mp-urges-action-on-ricket_b_1862031.html. I | www. | -Vitamin-C-study-finds.html | | SimplySupplements Healthy living made simpler!

Nutrition in UK Children

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An overview of nutrition and the common nutritional deficiencies of children in the UK.


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