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The Nursing Code

THE NURSING CODE WHAT TO EXPECT FROM YOUR NURSE AND HOW TO HELP THEM HELP YOU THE SECRETNURSING CODE If the nurse says "YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO A SECOND OPINION." That can be code for 'I DON'T LIKE YOUR DOCTOR: or 'I DON'T TAUST YOUR DOCTOR: Some nurses will If you say "YOU DAINK OR DO ASSUME IT IS DOUBLE OR TRIPLE THE AMOUNT YOU DAUGS." TELL THEM. Some nurses will If you ask FOR BIOPSY RESULTS, SAY THEY HAVEN'T COME BACK YET SO THAT THE DA. CAN DELIVER THE NEWS If you ask "HAVE YOU EVER DONE Some nurses WILL ALWAYS SAY, "YES." THIS BEFORE?" THINGS TO DO AS A PATIENT: Write a note If your nurse TO HER MANAGER THAT SAYS SO. IS EXCEPTIONAL, Never talk to a nurse This increases WHILE SHE IS GETTING THE CHANCE OF ERROR. MEDICATION READY. If you are GOING TO GET Drink 2 glasses of water SO THE VEIN IS EASIER TO FIND. BLOOD DAAWN, If a person DRAWING YOUR BLOOD Ask for SOMEONE ELSE. MISSES THE VEIN, Avoid the That is often WHEN NEW RESIDENTS START. HOSPITAL IN JULY. Ask anyone WHO COMES IN THE AOOM, "Have you, WASHED YOUR HANDS?" At the end Just because YOU HAVEN'T HEARD FROM OF AN APPOINTMENT MAKE SURE YOU KNOW ANYONE DOESN'T MEAN NOTHING WHO YOU WILL HEAR IS WRONG. FROM NEXT. Never tell a nurse, Nurses went "YOU'RE TOO SMART TO NURSING SCHOOL BECAUSE TO BE A NUASE." THEY WANTED TO BE A NURSE. Always include OVER THE COUNTER When asked, "WHAT MEDICATIONS YOU'RE TAKING," DAUGS. PATIENTS AND NURSES MIGHT HAVE DIFFERENT DEFINITIONS OF "DUALITY CARE": This can lead to DISAPPOINTMENT EVEN IF THE CARE IS GOOD Patients Expect INTANGIBLES: THEY WANT NURSES TO LISTEN TO ASK WHAT THEY THINK When it comes to identifying a patients needs, their roommate is often more on target than the nurse is. NOT DISMISS THEIR CONCERNS TREAT THEM LIKE A PEASON AATHER THAN A DISEASE "It's more important to know what kind of patient has a disease than to know what kind of disease the patient has." -Sir William Osler TALK TO, RATHER THAN AT, THEM LA NOT KEEP THEM WAITING LET PATIENTS KNOW YOU CARE NURSING CODE OF CONDUCT: Easy way's to LOSE YOUR NUASING LICENSE: SENDING INAPPROPRIATE TEXTS ACCESSING ELECTRONIC HEALTHCARE RECORDS FOR PATIENTS NOT IN YOUR CARE HOSTING A PORNOGRAPHIC WEBSITE (this really happened) THESE PROBLEMS DID NOT E XIST 20 YEARS AGO NUASING CODE OF CONDUCT in the 21st Century: TECHNOLOGY: draw a line in the sand f SOCIAL MEDIA: TEXTING: Automated Organizations using Facebook to provide updates: text appointment reminders: Sending Texting personal info: (tests results, etc.) messages to individuals: PATIENT'S AIGHTS: RELATIONSHIPS: TEAMWORK: AM (nurse/patient) (nurse/patient) If a patient approaches you to have a conversation Keep the patient informed throughout the process. outside of work: Do not share patient info with others. If you approach a patient outside of work: Record events as soon as they occur. The health of the consumer. PRESENTED BY: CHEAPNURSEDEGREES.COM DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING ШО ШО 0000

The Nursing Code

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This infographic takes a look at what to expect from your nurse and how to help them help you.


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