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New Year, New You! 6 Resolutions Worth Keeping

Cutting iving up Quitting can add years to your Life, improving your chances of a I disease free retirement. Smoking i I has been causally linked to many afflictions, including - heart disease, lung disease & chronic bronchitis. Liver problems, reduced fertility, high blood pressure, increased risk of various cancers and heart attack are some of the numerous harmful effects associated with regularly drinking more than the recommended levels of Quitting also boosts your immune system, making it easier to fight off colds and flu. Alcohol, in touch with EW YEAR EW YOU? Losing Keep People with strong social links have fewer cardiovascular and Carrying extra weight can put you at risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer, infertility, osteoarthritis, back pain and depression. immune problems, and lower levels of stress hormones this is believed to be rooted in our evolution. The evolutionary argument maintains that humans are social animals, who have I evolved to be in groups, needing others forI survival. People with social connections / feel more relaxed, which in turn, improves health. 6 Resolut ions to improve your health for 2014 3D With 25% of good intentions dismissed within the first week of the year, research suggests, that overall, only 8% people achieve their New Year's Resolutions. If you're overweight or obese, losing weight can reduce your risk of some potentially serious health problems. With the hardest to keep often the most beneficial, those who have fell at the first hurdle should perhaps consider a second try. Taking fectively Exercising can reduce your risk of major illnesses, such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer by up to 50%, lowering your risk of early death by up to 30%. People who are regularly active have a lower risk of I many chronic diseases, such as heart disease, I type 2 diabetes, stroke and some cancers. Research shows that physical activity can also improve self-esteem, mood, sleep quality and energy, as well as reducing your risk of stress, depression, dementia and Alzheimer's Whether it's caused by work, or your home life, stress can have a negative I impact on health. Stress can be the root of irritability, muscle tension, depression, sleeplessness, loss of memory and far more serious problems, including increased heart rate and blood pressure, palpitations and ultimately cardiac arrest. disease. Reducing stress can alleviate issues, safeguarding your health. ASONS SOLICITORS - Sources- ing Weight Smoking more Manage, Stress A on Alcohol ----. up Exercise Eamily Cnd Friends

New Year, New You! 6 Resolutions Worth Keeping

shared by AsonsSolicitors on Jan 08
Today, the 7th of January, marks the sell by date of a quarter of all New Year’s resolutions, with good intentions most likely to fail by today. With the hardest to keep often considered to be the m...


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