Neuroimaging & Alzheimer’s: Questions & answers

NANTZ NATIONAL ALZHEIMER CENTER NEUROIMAGING & ALZHEIMER'S Questions & Answers What is Alzheimer's Disease? 50% OF THOSE OVER THE AGE OF 85 ARE AFFECTED WITH ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE (AD). A progressive neurodegenerative disorder & the most common cause of dementia in the elderly. What is an estimated by the year 5.4 MILLION 2050 neuroimaging? AMERICANS HAVE Techniques like MRI, CT and PET that reveal the structure someone will be diagnosed every 33 seconds, raising total numbers to a staggering ALZHEIMER'S and function of the brain. May help diagnose diseases that resemble Alzheimer's but are Someone is diagnosed every 698 11-16: million not and can be reversed. PEOPLE seconds PET SHOWS DEPOSITION in the brain of an abnormal protein, beta amyloid, in Alzheimer's disease and in some MRI healthy older people. SHOWS brain tumors and other brain diseases that could cause Alzheimer's-like Normal brain MRI MRI of brain tumor mimicking Alzheimer's symptoms Normal PET Scan Alzheimer's Disease With amyloid PET, abnormal deposition of beta amyloid can be detected How to get more information 15-20 years prior to early Call 713.790.3333 or visit to schedule an appointment. SYMPTOMS OF DEMENTIA AMYLOID RESEARCH Removing amyloid from the brain before it has begun to damage nerve cells may delay or prevent Alzheimer's. HOUSTON Metholist NEUROLOGICAL INSTITUTE

Neuroimaging & Alzheimer’s: Questions & answers

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Someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer's every 69 seconds. Learn how techniques like MRI, CT and PET can help diagnose neurodegenerative diseases.


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