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The Mystery of Genetic History

THE MYSTERY OF GENETIC HISTORY: FOSTER CARE AND GENETIC TESTING IN AMERICA According to the most recent numbers, in the United States there are 400,540 children in the foster care system. 52% are temporarily in the system, and are in the process of being reunited with a parent or principal caretaker, but many are still waiting for a home. CHILDREN WAITING (BY STATE – 2011) 104,236 of these children are waiting to be adopted, with no home in sight. # OF CHILDREN 4,500 > 1,500 - 3,000 0-1,500 ALaBama: 1,296 FLORIDA: 4,994 Louisiana: 1,162 NeBraska: 831 ОкLанота: 2,956 Vermont: 196 ALaSka: 714 GeoRGIa: 1,567 Maine: 511 Nevapa: 1,968 Oregon: 1,663 VIRGINIA: 1,372 New HampSHIre: 167 PennsYLvania: ARIzona: 2,822 Hawani: 277 MarYLanD: 719 WasHinGTon: 2,783 2,045 MassaCHUSETTS: 2,672 ARkansas: 1,414 Ipано: 334 New Jersey: 2,294 RHODE IsLanD: 267 West VIRGINIA: 1,473 SOUTH CarOLIna: CALIFORNIA: 12,881 ILLINOIS: 3,272 MICHIGAN: 4,237 New Mexico: 786 Wisconsın: 1,163 1,415 COLORADO: 1,098 Indiana: 2,886 Mınnesora: 955 New YorK: 6,418 SOUTH DakoTa: 376 WYominG: 127 NORTH CarOLIna: ConnectICUT: 1,341 lowa: 1,088 MıssisSIPPI: 880 Tennessee: 2,027 Puerto Rico: 746 2,234 DeLaware: 244 Kansas: 1,817 MıssourI: 1,946 NORTH Dakota: 230 Texas: 13,481 D.C.: 357 KentuCKY: 1,918 Montana: 460 Онiо: 2,789 Uтан: 567 FAMILY HISTORY & PREDISPOSED DISEASE Many of these children do not have access to their family health history, which throughout the years has been used as a signifier of predisposition to a variety of diseases: HEART DISEASE HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE STROKE CANCER DIABETES With advancements in DNA testing, at home kits can provide valuable information on one's genetic predisposition toward a variety of diseases: Immune SYSTEM • Lupus • Graves' Disease • Celiac Disease • Multiple Sclerosis • Psoriasis General HeaLTH: • Obesity • Migraines • Diabetes: Type 1 & 2 AGınG: • Macular Degeneration • Osteoarthritis • Rheumatoid Arthritis • Alzheimer's Disease CarDIovascuLaR: • Aneurysm • Atrial Fibrillation • Heart Disease • Multiple Sclerosis • Venous Thromboembolism • Peripheral Artery Disease Cancers: • Bladder • Breast • Colorectal • Gastric • Lung • Prostate • Skin Current research is showing more and more, that genetics has much to do with one's health: BREAST CANCER CELIAC DISEASE 87% People with a direct relative who has the disease will develop it. 5-10% People with these mutations are 5x more likely to develop breast cancer, and 15-40x more likely to develop ovarian cancer. of breast cancer cases are due to genetic of Celiac Disease cases mutations in t can be attributed BRCA 1 and 2 genes. to genetics. = 1 in 22 MACULAR DEGENERATION PSORIASIS 71% 80% People with a genetic mutation on their ABCR genes have a The most common autoimmune condition in the United States, affects 30% 2% of Macular of Psoriasis Degeneration cases are attributable greater chance of developing the disease. cases can be attributed to of the population. to genetics. genetics. BIPOLAR DISORDER CHANCES OF DEVELOPING: 93% 3% 13% 20% 50% 70% of Bipolar Disorder cases may be triggered by genetics. No family members One sibling One parent, one sibling Both Identical parents twin With DNA home testing kits, orphans and those in foster care can have more knowledge regarding their health than ever before. SOURCES Map of Puerto Rico - Single Color by Map of United States of America with States - Single Color by HOME DNA

The Mystery of Genetic History

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According to the most recent numbers, in the United States there are 400,540 children in the foster care system. 52% are temporarily in the system, and are in the process of being reunited with a pare...






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