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Movember: A Gentleman's Guide

GROOMU PRESENTS MOVEMBER Å GENTLEMAN'S GUIDE fig. 1 fig-2 fig.3 figA ig.5 1 Each Mo Bro must begin the month with a clean shaven face 2 For the entire month of November, Mo Bro's must grow and groom a moustache 3 There must be no joining of the moustache to the sideburns- this is a beard 4 There must be no joining of the handlebars- this is a goatee 5 Each Mo Bro must conduct himself like a true country gentleman The last shave before Movember should be a good one. Start your routine by using a quality cleanser, exfoliator and pre-shave oil, and follow it up with an alcohol-free aftershave. Power through the difficult first week of mo' growing; it may look a little unsightly at this stage, but what awaits is something truly beautiful... Don't give up Some women don't appreciate the power of the 'tache. But it's not necessarily moustaches in general that trouble lady-folk, but those unfortunate neglected mo's, left to flay and flounder on the upper lip like a drunken caterpillar. Keep your facial fluff neatly trimmed and even, and you'll soon join the ranks of such moustachioed lothario's as Burt Reynolds and David Seaman. Groom for swoons Moustaches aren't just magnificent decoration for your face; they're a way of life, and taking care of your below-the-nose hair growth should become a part of your Tame that tache everyday grooming routine, especially if you want to avoid ingrown hairs. Exfoliating lotion will help to soothe the skin and allow the hairs to run wild and free. While you can disguise a cheeky chin scratch with a contemplative beard stroke, there's no such luck with a moustache...and there really is nothing worse than an itchy mo'. Treat your 'tache as it deserves to be treated and regularly moisturise beneath your whiskers to avoid dry, irritated skin. Style it out To be a sophisticated 'stache stallion, choose a style that reflects your personality and lifestyle. Take a look at these tash-tastic trends The Swashbuckler for inspiration The Magnum The Hulk The E =mc² The Tash Formerly The Don't Stop Me Now Known as The Surrealist Reasons to Grow a Moustache: All the cool kids are doing it To keep your upper lip warm You're on the run from the law To fit in with a biker gang raise money and awareness for prostate cancer GROOMU PROSTATE CANCER UK DISCOVER MALE GROOMING Moisturise your mo Design by

Movember: A Gentleman's Guide

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Movember 2012 has officially begun and to celebrate this taschetastic time, GroomU, one of the UK's leading providers of men’s grooming products, have created a guide to the month where men do their...




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