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More Than Your Mouth: How Oral Health Relates to Your Whole Self

MORE THAN YOUR MOUTH How Oral Health Relates to Your Whole Self ORAL HEALTH STATISTICS GUM DISEASE 8.52% OF ADULIS 20-64 HAUE PERIODONTAL DISEASE 5.08% OF ADULTS 20-64 HAVE SEUERE PERIODONTAL DISERSE 14.74% OF ADULTS 28-64 WHO SMOHE HAVE SEVERE PERIODONTAL DISERSE W 16.2% OF CHILDREN 6-19 HAVE UUNTREATED CAVITIES CAUITIES 23% OF ADULTS 20-64 HAVE UNTREATED CAVITIES 92% OF ADULTS 20-64 HAVE HAD CAVITIES IN THEIR PERMANENT TEETH RISH FACTORS FOR POOR ORAL HEALTH POOR DIET Sugary and acidic foods eat away at tooth enamel and increase plaque growth. Avoid pop and juice; it is nutrient poor, very caloric and acidic in the mouth une HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE Adults with high blood pressure have an increased risk of qum disease SMOKING Increases risk of qum disease.bad breath, discolored teeth, and oral cancer ALCOHOL USE Excessive alcohol consumption increases the risk of oral cancer, especially in combination with smoking and poor diet DIABETES PREGNANCY Adults with diabetes are twice as likely to have poor oral health and have an increased Pregnant women with gum disease may be af greater risk of delivering a low-weight baby Chemo Therapy and Medications risk of gum disease CHEMOTHERAPY & MEDICATIONS Either can lead to serious problems in the mouth and an increased risk of perio disease ORAL HEALTH SOLUTIONS HOME CARE - BRUSH TWICE PER DAY (DON 'T FORGET YOUR TONGUE AND THE ROOF OF YOUR MOUTH!) AND FLOSS AT LEAST ONCE PER DAY - USE A SOFT-BRISTLED TOOTHBRUSH WITH FLUORIDE TOOTHPASTE - RINSING WITH MOUTHWASH HAS PROVEN HELPFUL IN REDUCING PLAQUE BUILD-UP DENTAL VISITS - VISIT THE DENTIST TWO TO FOUR TIMES PER YEAR (DEPENDING ON RISK FACTORS) LIFESTYLE CHANGES - QUIT SMOKING - EAT A DIET RICH IN FRUITS, VEGETABLES, AND WHOLE GRAINS - MINIMIZE INTAKE OF SWEET FOODS LIKE CANDY AND SODA - LIMIT ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION - LOSE WEIGHT TO DECREASE RISH OF TYPE 2 DIABETES - CONSIDER USING AN ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH Sources Topic/Dental Caries/DentalCariesAdults20lo64 aspx http://www.cdc gov/nchs/lastals/dental.him http://www.womenshealth gow/publicalions/our-publicalions/lacd-sheel/oral-healh.clm#d Disease/PeriodontaldiseaseAduls201064.hlm INFOGRAPHIC PROVIDED BY LAKE GROUE DENTAL WwW.AKEGROVEDENTALLO.COM LAKE GRĂ–VE DENTAL

More Than Your Mouth: How Oral Health Relates to Your Whole Self

shared by BrittSE on Jan 12
92% of adults have cavities in their permanent teeth, while 16.2% of children between the ages of 6 and 19 have untreated cavities. This infographic has some more jaw-dropping facts about the state o...


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