More Americans are Using Marijuana | Addiction Recovery Care Center

MORE AMERICANS ARE ABUSING MARIJUANA MARIJUANA USE IS STEADILY INCREASING Nearly 24 million Americans use illicit drugs in 2013. Marijuana was the illicit drug with the largest number of persons with past year dependence or abuse. From 2006 to 2010, marijuana consumption increased by more than 30%. HARMFUL EFFECTS OF USING MARIJUANA 10 Persistent adolescent-onset cannabis users evidenced an average 8-point IQ decline from childhood to adulthood. PARANOIA LUNG & ANXIETY CANCER REDUCES & DISEASE MOTIVATION MARIJUANA INCREASE INCREASE HEART RATE APPETITE STATE AND FEDERAL PRISON FOR MARIJUANA OFFENSES TOTAL PRISONERS IN 2004 FEDERAL STATE 170,535 1,244,311 DRUG LAW VIOLATIONS FEDERAL STATE 55% (93,794) 21% (261,305) 71 70 69 MARIJUANA OFFENDERS 167 66 65 FEDERAL STATE 64 12.4% (11,630) 12.7% (33,186) 162 61 60 159 58 57 Marijuana Prisoners FEDERAL STATE TOTAL 2004 = 11,630 2004 = 33,186 2004 = 44,816 TREATMENT APPROACHES FOR DRUG ADDICTION In 2011, there were 333,578 admissions for treatment for marijuana as the primary substance of abuse. Treatment should not be a privilege limited to those who can afford it, but a service available to all those who need it. Treatment can help patients addicted to drugs stop using, avoid relapse, and successfully ITATION CENTER recover. Prescribed Medications are an important element of treatment for many patients, especially when combined with counseling and other behavioral therapies. |Copyright: Addiction Recovery Call now! Care Center (702) 978-6902 Source 7199/0 0000

More Americans are Using Marijuana | Addiction Recovery Care Center

shared by ChristopherSimpson on Feb 03
Marijuana is one of the most abused drugs in many countries. Once a person starts to use this drug, he/she will have a hard time in controlling the use and they will most likely continue to abuse mari...



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