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The Mobile Health Industry is Booming

THE MOBILE HEALTH INDUSTRY BOOMING THE MOBILE AND WEARABLE SENSOR INDUSTRY The WORLDWIDE MARKET The AVERAGE WEARABLE SHIPMENTS of for wearable sensors will= device SHIPPED will SENSORS FOR incorporate SENSOR expand to MILLION UNITS IN 个个 个个 个个 up from 个个 个个 个个 466 2019, 4.1ements in 2019 SMARTWATCHES 个个 个个 个个 Up from 个个 个个 个个 WILL SURGE by nearly 67 MILLION 2013 1.4 SENSOR 2015 2013 600% UNITS IN in elements in Worldwide MARKET There are approximately The U.S. MARKET for 200 WIRELESS D. HEALTH MONITORING DEVICES) REVENUE for SENSORS USED IN MOBILE handsets EXTERNAL and media tablets will rise to SENSORS THAT CONNЕСТ ТО А $6.5 2018, SMARTPHONE MILLION UNITS IN 个个 个个 个个 up from 个个 个个 个个 MILLION IS EXPECTED TO REACH BY $2.3 UNITS IN 2012 APP TODAY $22 BILLION 2015 MOBILE HEALTH SENSOR ABILITIES 02 MOBILE HEALTH EXAMPLES OF HEALTH SENSORS: Pulse, pulse-oximeters, hydration & skin temperature sensors. SENSORS TRACK blood pressure, heart rate, glucose level, medication compliance and many other HEALTH METRICS. > Some of these > These sensors CONNECT to the corresponding app via BLUETOOTH, WIFI OR USB. sensors are EMBEDDED IN SMARTWATCHES (Apple Watch). FUNCTIONS OF CURRENT MOBILE HEALTH SENSORS PROPELLER HEALTH'S SPIROSCOUT is an inhaler with an asthma sensor that tracks environmental conditions that pose possible dangers to asthma sufferers. > It wirelessly links a GPS-ENABLED SMARTPHONE WITH AN ANTI-INFLAMMATORY MEDICATION inhaler to passively sense the time and location of inhaler use. THE IREVIVE SYSTEM is an integrated system with tiny wireless sensors that monitor an emergency patient's heart rate, blood oxygen level and other vital signs. > The sensor data is captured in a record that can be accessed via a secure wireless network, AIDING MEDICAL DECISION-MAKERS at every stage, from first responders to ambulance technicians to emergency room physicians. GLUCOSE-MONITORING (CONTINUOUSGM) devices provide several hundred blood sugar measurements every 24 hours via a sensor that is inserted under the skin. • CGM provides a more complete picture of glucose trends CGM that can HELP DIABETICS MANAGE THEIR CONDITION. PROTEUS' INGESTIBLE SENSOR is an ingestible sensor that can be integrated into a pill or other ingested products, such as pharmaceuticals. ►Once the ingestible sensor reaches the stomach, it communicates a signal that determines IDENTITY AND TIMING OF INGESTION. This information is transferred through the user's body tissue to a patch worn on the skin that relays information to a mobile phone application. BENEFITS OF MOBILE HEALTH SENSORS $290 BILLION Mobile health sensors help Sensors help in GATHERING HEALTH-RELATED PATIENT Researchers have the ability to CAPTURE MULTIPLE bring down healthcare costs and provide IMPROVED TREATMENT RESULTS. DATA and in the maintaining electronic health records, SOURCES OF HEALTH DATA, like physical activity, location and travel areas which reduce inefficiencies By the end of 2015, mobile health could represent up to $290 BILLION in annual HEALTHCARECOST SAVINGS in patient record maintenance. and physiological responses (e.g., through small sensors attached to the body and connected wirelessly to the telecommunications network). worldwide. FUTURE INNOVATIONS In 2015, it's expected Miniaturizing sensor technology: Sensor fusion technology MC10 is developing a patch that measures HYDRATION in near GlaxoSmithKline is testing mobile health sensors for clinical that mobile-enabled diagnostic/screening tools will advance. conjoined with small Mobile phones will be combo sensors make it easier than ever to trials. real-time, a wristband that tracks HEART The study includes trying to turn the data from the study into actionable RATE and activity and a skin patch that alerts the wearer's phone used as screening tools for cervical cancer INCORPORATE and also for imaging MOTION SENSORS in a wide range of insights to help make CLINICAL TRIALS FASTER AND MORE RETINOPATHY, the of the retina to when it's time to DETECT DIABETIC wearable devices. REAPPLY SUNSCREEN. PATIENT-CENTRIC. primary cause of blindness. SOURCES NJIT New Jersey Institute of Technology devices%20west/west_mobile%20medical%20devices_v06īble-sensor/ 6-years-2014-09-12-5203316 2018-key-vendors-are-abbott-acute-bayer-f-hoffmann-la-roche fujitsu-ge-healthcare-honeywell-lifescan medtronic-omron-and-rf-technologies/ ९९९

The Mobile Health Industry is Booming

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The use of modern technologies for health-related applications is on the rise. The continued miniaturization of components and reduced manufacturing costs are helping to push mobile health into the ma...


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