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Milk (Still) Does A Body Good

milk LACTOSE-FREE IT (STILL) DOES A BODY GOOD Lactose intolerant? That doesn't mean you can't continue to reap the benefits of a cold, refreshing glass of milk or other dairy products. See what keeping milk in your regular diet can do for your body (hint: it's good). BENEFITS FOR Bones Beyond AND Milk is chock-full of vital nutrients like vitamins and protein that are good for your entire body. Ca helps build and maintain strong bones and teeth, plays an important role in nerve function, muscle contraction and blood clotting CALCIUM 30% DV PRO helps build and repair muscle tissue; high quality TEIN with all essential amino acids 16% DV K. helps regulate the body's fluid balance and helps maintain normal blood POTASSIUM pressure 10% DV works with calcium and vitamin D to help keep PHOSPHORUS bones strong 25% DV helps absorb calcium for healthy bones VITAMIN 30% DV B12 helps build red blood cells and helps maintain central nervous system VITAMIN 20% DV important for good vision, healthy skin and a healthy immune VITAMIN 10% DV B2 helps convert food into energy - a process cru- cial for exercising mus- RIBOFLAVIN cles 25% DV ВЗ important for the normal function of many enzymes in the body NIACIN 10% DV

Milk (Still) Does A Body Good

shared by Dionnew9 on Mar 08
A fun, graphic display of the benefits of milk. From calcium to riboflavin, this infographic breaks down each of the vitamins and nutrients that milk provides. A fun health graphic.




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