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Migraine 101

MIGRAINE 101 What they are, where they come from and how to fix 'em MIGRAINE HEADACHE VS MIGRAINE ATTACKS CAN INCLUDE A VARIETY OF SYMPTOMS BEYOND HEAD PAIN. CLUSTER Come in groups that can last several weeks or months. VISUAL Visual disturbances before, during or after the pain subsides. Men are 3- 6x more likely to suffer from cluster headaches than women. 81% had blind spots Less than 1 in 1,000 suffer from these headaches. 77% saw flashing lights 21% had double vision SINUS Pressure around the eyes, pain around the bridge of the nose, nasal congestion, stuffiness. COMMUNICATION Difficulty speaking, writing and comprehending. TENSION MOTOR SKILLS Most common type of headache. Symptoms include pressure in front of the face, head or neck, dull head pain, difficulty concentrating. Weakness or difficulty moving. PAIN 85% experience pulsating pain, such as throbbing, aching, and beating. MORE THAN 10 MILLION PEOPLE GO TO THE DOCTOR OR EMERGENCY ROOM FOR HEADACHES EVERY YEAR. ding 1 BILLION PEOPLE WORLDWIDE SUFFER FROM MIGRAINES MIGRAINES ARE 3X MORE COMMON Q00đ IN WOMEN THAN IN MEN 20 MILLION MIGRAINE ATTACKS OCCUR WORLDWIDE EVERY DAY MIGRAINE SYMPTOMS TIME Most migraine symptoms last a minimum of 4 hours, but some can last for months. HEAD Usually on one side of the head, in the temples or behind one eye or ear. The pain can be debilitating. EYES Zig-zag or static patterns are just some of the visual disturbances that occur. 80% of migraine sufferers are sensitive to light. EARS 76% are extremely sensitive to sound. NOSE 40-50% experience a change in their sense of smell - often reporting perfumes, food and cigarette smoke to be most offensive. STOMACH 73% experience nausea and/or vomiting during an attack. EXTREMITIES Tingling and numbness is often reported. Weakness in limbs and lack of control are sometimes reported during attacks. 54% OF MIGRAINE SUFFERERS EXPERIENCE ONE OR MORE ATTACKS PER MONTH 10% OF SCHOOL-AGED CHILDREN SUFFER FROM MIGRAINES MIGRAINE TRIGGERS FOOD AND ALCOHOL WEATHER DRINKS zzZ HORMONAL CHANGES LACK OF SLEEP STRESS 12% OF AMERICANS HAVE AT LEAST ONE MIGRAINE ATTACK EACH YEAR $13 BILLION IN LAST LABOR & 113 MILLION LOST WORK DAYS DUE TO HEADACHES AND MIGRAINES MIGRAINE PREVENTION AVOID STRESS • Stress may cause more frequent attacks and cause migraines to feel worse and last longer. • Practice relaxation techniques and exercise daily. DON'T STRAIN YOUR EYES • Take breaks from computer and phone screens. • Wear glasses or contacts when necessary. STAY HYDRATED • Avoid dehydration. • Eat foods high in water content, like fruits and vegetables. EAT A HEALTHY DIET • Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and lean protein. • Don't skip meals. ESTABLISH REGULAR SLEEPING HOURS zzZ • Go to bed and wake up at the same time everyday. • Avoid caffeine and alcohol at night. AVOID TRIGGER FOODS • Avoid dairy, peanut butter and meats with nitrates. • Avoid some fruits, onions, foods containing MSG or that are fermented. 69% HAVE CONSULTED A PHYSICIAN FOR MIGRAINE PAIN 6% HAVE BEEN IN THE HOSPITAL FOR A MIGRAINE IN THE PAST THREE MONTHS THE AVERAGE MONTHLY HEALTH CARE COST FOR MIGRAINE SUFFERERS IS $145, WHILE THOSE WHO DON'T SUFFER FROM MIGRAINES PAY AN AVERAGE OF $89 PER MONTH TREATMENT FOR MIGRAINES PREVENTATIVE MEDICATIONS The primary goals of preventative medications are to reduce the frequency and severity of migraine attacks, and to reduce the need for acute medications when an attack occurs. HOMEOPATHIC PREVENTATIVE TREATMENTS BUTTERBAR According to a 2004 study, 48% of migraine sufferers who were administered a 75mg dose of butterbar for four months reported reduced migraine attacks. ACUPUNCTURE It is believed that acupuncture stimulates muscles, releases endorphins and may also block the neurotransmitters that deliver pain messages to the brain. RIBOFLAVIN/VITAMIN B2 According to a 1998 study, 50% of migraine sufferers reported reduced migraines due to 400mg riboflavin. Foods containing riboflavin include: MILK ASPARAGUS BROCCOLI SPINACH EGGS POULTRY WHOLE GRAINS BOTOX® FOR PREVENTION Used to prevent migraines that occur at least 15 days per month, BOTOX® was the first and only FDA-approved preventative treatment proven to reduce headache days every month. BOTOX® reduces head pain and neck stiffness. MIGRAINE SUFFERERS USE 2.5X MORE PRESCRIPTION DRUGS AND HAVE 6X MORE DIAGNOSTIC TESTS AND SERVICES DONE THERE ARE OVER 100 DRUGS, SURGICAL TREATMENTS AND DEVICES USED TO TREAT MIGRAINE SYMPTOMS PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION Acute migraine treatments are taken at the first sign of a migraine. They are used to treat attacks rapidly and consistently, restore ability to function and minimize the need for backup medication. Some examples of acute migraine treatment medications include: Almotriptan (Axert) Sumatriptan (Imitrex) Eletriptan (Relpax) MIGRAINE SURGERY Surgical migraine treatments focus on decompressing trigger area nerves that cause migraines. Area nerves can be in the forehead, nasal region, area behind the eyes or the back of the head or neck. A study in the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery followed patients 5 years after treatment and found: 29% 88% 59% HAD COMPLETE ELIMINATION OF MIGRAINES had significant decrease in migraines maintained overall improvement in frequency, intensity or duration of migraines Research shows migraine surgery is a viable treatment route for patients suffering from chronic migraines who have exhausted other medical and non-medical options. 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Migraine 101

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An overview of all facets of a migraine attack, including triggers, symptoms and medications.



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