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Mercury in Your Mouth [Free Infographic

Mercury in Your Mouth How this dangerous neurotoxin is making its way into your body Mercury is the most toxic non-radioactive substance known to man. Once ingested, it accumulates in the body, destroying cellular function and causing serious long term health complications. As a neurotoxin, the World Health Organization warns that exposure to even small amounts of mercury can cause serious bodily harm. But where does it come from, and how can we protect ourselves? Where does it come from? Dental Amalgam Dental amalgam, or silver fillings, contain 50-65% or more mercury. Many health professionals agree that dental amalgam may release mercury vapor into the mouth, causing prolonged exposure and severe damage to the brain, lungs, heart, kidneys, and central nervous system. Mining Mercury is still used in certain mining operations. Once released into the atmosphere, mercury makes its way into the ecosystem, polluting forests, waterways, natural wildlife, and neighboring communities. Fish Mercury "bio accumulates" in fish and shellfish, building to extremely toxic and dangerous levels. Once eaten, the dangerous neurotoxin accumulates in the body, causing a number of serious conditions that can be fatal if untreated. Toxic Effects on the Body 1 4 1. Brain Mercury impairs brain function and may cause severe damage, including paralysis, incoherent speech, delirium, and loss of motor skills. Children who are exposed to mercury are at significant risk of developing nervous system disorders, visual problems, and abnormal reflexes. 2. Lungs Mercury is know to cause respiratory system conditions. Once inhaled, the lungs become the gateway through which mercury enters the bloodstream. 3. Неart After entering the bloodstream, mercury is quickly pumped throughout the body via the heart and circulatory system. Mercury exposure is associated with increased risk of heart disease and stroke. 4. Kidneys Mercury poses a serious threat to kidney health as well. Over time, mercury exposure may cause severe kidney damage and, in some cases, kidney failure. 5. Nervous System Prolonged exposure may cause severe damage to neurotransmitters, irritability, fatigue, behavioral changes, tremors, headaches, hearing and cognitive loss, dysarthría, incoordination, hallucinations, and death. Things to Know In 1991, the World Health Organization confirmed that mercury contained in dental amalgam is the greatest source of mercury vapour in non-industrialized settings. T What is dental amalgam? Dental amalgam is metallic mixture that is commonly used to perform restorative dental procedures. It is usually a mixture of silver, copper, tin, and zinc in the proportion pictured left. Alarmingly, dental amalgam is mixed with 50-60% elemental mercury. Silver Copper Tin Zinc 180M+ 1.4B+ Worldwide, it's estimated that more than 180 million people have teeth that have been restored. In total, it's estimated that about 1.4 billion teeth contain a restorative material like dental amalgam. How to Protect Yourself Safe Amalgam Removal and Replacement If you have silver fillings, schedule an appointment with a holistic dental professional to have them safely removed and replaced with a bio-compatible white composite. Eat the Right Kind of Fish Some fish are healthy, others are not. Follow health advisories when fishing in local lakes and waterways. Visit in the Sources section below to learn more. Indulge in Strawberries Recently, a study has shown that strawberries can help block the negative effects of mercury. Additional research is needed, but for now, indulging in strawberries can't hurt! Get Screened for Heavy Metals Visit a health professional to get screened for heavy metals. The earlier heavy metal toxins are detected, the faster and more effective the course of treatment. Visit a Holistic Dentist Holistic dentists practice "bio compatible" dentistry. These dental professionals specialize in providing oral health care that is safe, comprehensive, and non toxic. Sourcesăcentre/factsheets/fs361/en/ Assure A Smile I Miami's Home of Holistic Dentistry I LO 2.

Mercury in Your Mouth [Free Infographic

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The World Health Organization has named dental amalgam the single biggest source of mercury in non-industrialized settings. Alarmingly, this has not deterred dental professionals from continuing to pu...


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