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Mercury Rising: Enjoy Fish Without the Risk

Mercury Rising Enjoy Fish Without the Risk Mercury pollution has contaminated 2006-2008: the number of lake 18 million acres of lakes, 52% acres under advisory estuaries, and wetlands, increased by 18% and 18% and the number of river miles 1.4 million river miles increased by 52% Airborne mercury is emitted to the air by: • power plants Mercury pollution travels far before • cement plants depositing in waterways • chemical manufacturers • industrial facilities when it rains Once in waterways, naturally occurring bacteria absorb it and convert it to its most toxic form, methyl mercury, which ends up in fish Once in the human body, Children and women of mercury acts as a childbearing age are neurotoxin interfering with most at risk the brain and nervous system GETTING SCHOOLED ON The Right Fish The solution is NOT to avoid fish but to choose the RIGHT fish to eat 70% of seafood contain relatively Fish is full of omega-3 fatty acid and eating fish twice a week is a great WEEK "low levels of mercury" and can be eaten regularly way to improve your heart MODERATE MERCURY HIGH MERCURY LEAST MERCURY HIGHEST MERCURY Eat 6 servings or less Eat 3 servings or less Enjoy the se fish Avoid eating per month per month Crab (Domestic) Tilapia (Freshw Tuna (Canned Albacore) Swordfish Jacksmelt (Silverside) Crawfish/ Crayfish Tuna (Yellowfin). salamari) Sablefish Halibut (Pacific) Croaker (Atlantic) Sole (Pacific) Shark Flounder* Skate* Halibut (Atlantic)* Shrimp* Haddock (Atlantic)* Mackerel (King Croakeifc Shad (American) Marlin Snapper* Hake Bluefish Cod Scallop Grouper* Herring Tuna (Canned Sardine * These fish are low in numbers or ** Farmed Salmon may contain PCB's - chemicals with serious long-term health effects. are caught using environmentally destructive methods Mercury pollution is a global problem that needs a global solution to protect the health of our kids, waterways and fish. BROUGHT TO YOU BY: SOURCES: FIX eX Butterfish Catfish Anchovies Clam Whitefish Trout Monkfish (Freshwater, Mahi Mahi Lobster percnwate Tilefish. Tuna Mackerel (Spanish, Gulf) sea Bass (Chilean). (Alaskan)* Mackerel A Hunyp Chub Carp Bass (Striped Black) (XpeldixS) Sea Trout) Weakfish Mullet Tuna Oyster Salmon (Fresh)** Perch (Ocean) ..(pauupa Plaice Pollock

Mercury Rising: Enjoy Fish Without the Risk

shared by Ghergich on Mar 03
The news is abuzz with reports of mercury-contaminated fish traversing our waters, and has created an infographic entitled “Mercury Rising: Enjoy Fish Without the Risk” explaining the ...




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