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Medicinal Marijuana

MEDICINAL MARIJUANA BY APAGE RESEACH HAS FOUND THAT CANNABIS CAN HAVE THE FOLLOWING EFFECTS: THE SCIENCE OF CANNABIS NEUROLOGICAL Relieves pain Can inhibit tumor growth Boosts relaxation May reduce migraine frequency & intensity Aids sleep Fights free radicals in the blood stream Slows inflammation Helps control epileptic seizures Encourages cell growth Stops fungus growth May slow the progression of Alzheimer's Relaxes muscles OPTHALMOLOGICAL Stimulates bone growth Reduces Reduces glaucoma symptoms risk of nerve damage thc Cbc CANNABIGEROL CANNABIDIOL Coд PSYCHOLOGICAL Boosts Can promote better sleep thcv appetite Helps manage bipolar disorder TETRAHYDROCANNABIVARIN Eases anxiety Treats depression BENEFITS OF CANNABINOIDS Can heip teat epresion and PTSD Helps manage ADD and ADHD CANNABIS AND THE BRAIN ABDOMINAL CEREBRAL CORTEX HYPOTHALAMUS CEREBELLUM Can relieve chronic symptoms of This is where memory and thinking occurs. Cannabis can impair increased by cannabis. short-term memory. Controls coordination and muscle Responsible for appetite, which is IBD and Crohn's disease behavior, which Helps treat incontinence are impaired by cannabis. Eases symptoms of PMS Stimulates appetite PALLIATIVECARE Eases chemotherapy BRAIN STEM side effects Controls nausea, Reduces chronic pain •.. pain sensation, and blood pressure, May improve bone health AMYGDALA Controls emotions, HIPPOCAMPUS which can either Controls memory storage and recall, be relaxed or all of which are increased with cannabis. which are impaired relieved by cannabis. by cannabis. THE LAW MOVEMENT Eases symptoms of MS Treats cachexia (wasting syndrome) May ease rheumatoid arthritis pain LEGAL DECRIMINALIZED REJECTED BALLOT INITIATIVES: LEGALIZATION MEDICINAL USE ONLY DECRIMINALIZATION MEDICINALUSEONLY & DECRIMINALIZED ILLEGAL ALASKA CALIFORNIA NEVADA OREGON SOUTH DAKOTA ARKANSAS NORTH DAKOTA OREGON MEDICINALUSE ONLY FACTOIDS: THE RISKS: The safest way it as a vapor because smoking may lead to lung disease. Eating marijuana is also a safer option. consume marijuana is by inhaling Marijuana was first used as medical treatment in China in 1737. CHRONIC USE MAY: Marijuana is a blend of leaves, stems and buds of the Cannabis lower men's testosterone levels sativa plant. increase risk of stroke Cannabis was used by the U.S. government as a truth serum in the 1940's to interrogate enemy spies. worsen anxiety disorders (and sometimes help them). impair memory impair coordination & judgment Depending on the form of cannabis, marijuana can be hallucinogeneic, a stimulant or a depressant. increase heart rate SOURCES http://www.cancer.govlcancertopics/pdq/cam/cannabis/healthprofessional/page2 HealthCentral TETRAHYDROCANNABINUL 8 CANNABINOI CANNABICHROMENE

Medicinal Marijuana

shared by HealthCentral on Jun 10
More and more research continues to emerge suggesting that medicinal marijuana can benefit a range of health conditions. Here's a visual breakdown of what's happening with medicinal marijuana.





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