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Medical Tourism around the Globe

Medical Tourism Around the Globe OnlineMedicalTourism Hungary Turkey Mexico Antigua Israel India Thailand Barbados Costa Rica Malaysia Singapore Brazil South Africa up to 75% DENTISTRY OFF Hungary Along the Western border and in the capital countless dental clinics live up to Western quality standards and await international patients, primarily from Austria and Germany. Motivated mainly by low costs and the widely acclaimed Hungarian medical training, dental up to COSMETIC SURGERY - CARDIAC SURGERY 40% up to COSMETIC SURGERY 30% South Africa OFF OFF tourists can complement their treatment with a pleasant stay in the thermal spas around Lake Balaton. Brazil Beauty industry in Brazil is booming, and its affordable luxury is irresistible for many. No matter what cosmetic surgery treatment you dream of, be sure to economize an average 30%. One of the most pleasurable medical tourism destinations, especially when it comes cosmetic and cardiac treatments. Cape Town has not lost its leading role in heart transplant surgeries since the first one in the world was performed here in 1967. up to up to 50% FERTILITY, IN VITRO FERTILISATION 50% FERTILITY, IN VITRO FERTILISATION OFF OFF 383 Israel Barbados Fertility treatments mean a great emotional and physical ordeal for couples. Why not Being the number one fertility tourism destination for in vitro fertilization services, 304 Israel boasts the highest number of fertility clinics per capita. It is also a renowned exporter of medical equipment and instruments. 234 compensate for the stress and improve your chances of a successful treatment with an 169 idyllic holiday in Barbados? Fertility clinic bills and patients accounts convincing. are more than 113 up to OPTOMETRY, VISION 50% OFF up to Turkey ADDICTION AND REHABILITATION 40% With numerous hospitals accredited by U.S. health organizations Turkey offers excellent and low-cost optometric treatments and laser vision correction surgeries both in Istanbul and coastal towns located around OFF Antigua Social prejudices and pressure often make addiction treatment a hard and embarrassing procedure. If you want anonymity and total discretion, the Crossroads Centre in Antigua founded by the singer Eric Clapton might be the place for you. Patients opt for its comprehensive addiction programs from over 30 countries. 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 The increasing number of U.S. Joint Commission International holiday resorts. accredited hospitals abroad. up to ORTHOPEDICS, CARDIOLOGY, FERTILITY 85% OFF India up to In search for cost-saving, world class accredited health institutions? First ranking in cardiac and orthopaedic treatments at prices 60-90% below the European and American average, India seems like a perfect choice. Childless couples from all over the world also flock to India seeking low cost and reliable commercial surrogacy. DENTISTRY 70% OFF Costa Rica Especially chic aesthetic and restorative dentistry enjoys prevalence in Costa Rica, where you dentures, bridges, implants and crowns. Check out several clinics and go for the ones accredited by American medical boards (e.g. Meza Clinic) save up to 70% on top class up to CANCER DIAGNOSTICS AND TREATMENT 40% up to DENTISTRY, BARIATRIC SURGERY 70% OFF Singapore It prides in a health care system enviable by any developed country and most advanced technologies in cancer diagnostics. In case patients wish to continue with their cancer treatment in Singapore, John's Hopkins International Medical Centre is certainly the best option. OFF Mexico Its location and availability makes Mexico increasingly popular with American health tourists who seek cheaper options for weight-control programmes and a wide spectrum of bariatric procedures. Moreover, there is an annual flow of over 50,000 U.S. citizens in need of dental care. up to 75% ANYTHING YOU WISH FOR 70% HEALTH SCREENING Thailand OFF OFF Malaysia Thailand has long recognized the importance of international accreditation competition of medical tourism. Most medical practitioners are accredited professionals and besides the internationally reputed Bumrungrad Int. there is an increasing number of accredited medical facilities. Hospital bills, the cost of living and estate prices make it an ideal place for even lengthy treatments. A considerable proportion of the yearly 400.00 international patients seek affordable plastic surgery and transgender procedures in Thai hospitals. A full medical checkup that includes the screening of the eyes, teeth, hearing, heart and other lab test might add up to $3000-5000 in the U.S.A. Malaysia, an exotic but medically up-and-coming country, will do you this favor for just a small fraction of the U.S. price (around $1500 USD). Foreign patients are treated with exquisite care, which will culminate in holiday resorts and hotels. in the world-wide OnlineMedicalTourism

Medical Tourism around the Globe

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The most popular destinations for medical procedures and surgeries.


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