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Medical Miracles In Louisville

WHY LOUISVILI.E IS A GLOBAL HEAVYWEIGHT IN HEALTHCARE Louisville, Kentucky is known for being the BIRTHPLACE OF MUHAMMAD ALI, THE KENTUCKY DERBY, AND THE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE, but did you also know it's where the first US hand transplant took place? We think it's time to recognize Louisville's health industry and here's why: LOUISVILLE Modern Medical Mecca? .Maybe Louisville Population: Delaware 0.071 1,284,195 CSA KENTUCKY Ranks #17 in the US for number of hospital beds per 10,000 people Kentucky 0.247 South Dakota 0.644 There are 15 hospitals 13 of the 15 area hospitals have a 5-star Healthgrade Rating in Louisville and the Jewish Hospital / Saints Mary & Elizabeth Hospital Floyd Memorial Hospital surrounding area Six of them have received a Awards for Healthgrade Quality Award Awarded for WOMEN'S HEALTH EXCELLENCE CORONARY INTERVENTION EXCELLENCE PULMONARY CARE EXCELLENCE OUTSTANDING PATIENT EXPERIENCE Physicians' Medical Center Baptist Health Louisville HEALTHGRADES Awards for Awards for AMERICA'S 100 BEST HOSPITALS JOINT REPLACEMENT EXCELLENCE FOR PROSTATE SURGERY CRITICAL CARE EXCELLENCE POSTECTOMY EXCELLENCE PULMONARY CARE EXCELLENCE OUTSTANDING PATIENT EXPERIENCE MEDICAL OUTSTANDING PATIENT EXPERIENCE Harrison County INNOVATIONS Hospital from Louisville Award for Patient Safety Excellence Louisville City Hospital 1911 LOUISVILLE IS CREDITED (presently University of Louisville Hospital), WITH THE opened an "accident service" in 1911 FIRST EMERGENCY ROOM 1961 HUMANA FOUNDED 2 Started as a nursing home company, Humana is now a health insurance giant, sitting at #58 on the Fortune 500 with $48.5 billion in revenue. 1999 FIRST U.S. HAND TRANSPLANT 3 Dr. Warren C. Matthew David Scott Patient Breidenbach Lead physician •A 35-year-old man from New Jersey • Paramedic trainer for Virtua Health • Lost his hand in a fireworks accident 19 years earlier • Hand surgeon with Kleinert, Kutz and Associates Hand Care Center • Clinical professor of surgery at the University of Louisville SURGEONS AT JEWISH HOSPITAL IN LOUISVILLE, PERFORM THE FIRST HAND TRANSPLANT IN THE U.S. • Donor died just a few hours before the transplant • 15 hour operation • Medical team included 17 people • Hand was attached 2 inches above the wrist • Mr. Scott was placed on anti-rejection drugs used for organ transplants 15 years later Mr. Scott reports, "The last 15 years have been nothing short of spectacular. In that There have now been 8 more hand transplants performed on 7 more patients One double hand transplant in 2010 time, life goes on. I'm doing everything with much more mobility and ability, and I'm taking on things I didn't think I'd ever be able to do again." 2001 THE FIRST SELF-CONTAINED ARTIFICIAL HEART Middle-aged, Dlabetic man Dr. William DeVries Medical team lead Patient PREVIOUS ARTIFICIAL HEARTS ONLY FUNCTIONED VIA TUBES CONNECTED 105,000 Only 3,000 TO A LARGE CONSOLE hearts are needed for • Electric power lines ran through the patient's skin to the console hearts become cardiac patients available every year • The battery for the device was as large as a washing machine • The patient had a heart, but was bedridden for life • Patients lived no longer than 2 years July 2001 LOUISVILLE SURGEONS, AT JEWISH HOSPITAL, The AbioCor Heart is different IMPLANTED THE FIRST ABIOCOR ARTIFICIAL HEART • Includes a motor to pump blood through the body • Battery operated by rechargeable batteries • External battery pack is worm on a belt • Self-contained within the patient's chest • Medical team lead by Dr. William DeVries • Patient was a middle-aged, diabetic man • Required 7 hours of surgery • Initially there was a 30 day life expectancy after the transplant • Not the first artificial heart, but the first self-contained artificial heart • After 5 weeks, the man was in stable condition, off ventilators, • Mimics the functions of an organic heart and had performed minor exercises • Doctors now believe the man's life expectancy has been doubled 2006 ÇERVICAL CANCER (HPV) VACCINE 5 Dr.Alfred Bennett Jenson Dr. Shin-je Ghim Both doctors were working at the James Graham Brown Cancer Center of the University of Louisville Credit NIH FIRST VACCINE WAS APPROVED BY THE FDA IN 2006 2015 statistics • 2008: UofL signed a worldwide license agreement These two doctors began 12,900 4,100 WOMEN with Advanced Cancer Therapeutics (ACT) to provide the cheaper alternative • Agreement helped to progress the HPV vaccine development developing the second NEW CASES will be diagnosed WILL DIE FROM INVASIVE generation vaccine to be CERVICAL CANDER more affordable • Vaccine is derived from tobacco plants Wider immune protection against approximately Could have a high impact on HPV cancers in developing countries 80% Expectations were high for the vaccine upon its creation: 200 HPV of cervical cancer cases occur where there are subtypes no routine screenings or vaccines available IN 2013: JENSON AND GHIM ANNOUNCED THAT ONE SHOT MAY BE ENOUGH TO PREVENT CERVICAL CANCER This brought the cost of the vaccine down to as low as $13 Thanks to Fortune 500 powerhouses Humana and Kindred Healthcare, Louisville is a healthcare city to be reckoned with. Visit to solve the medical insurance needs for your business. Saurces https://www.msws.orglenarticles/2001.08hear-06.ntmi https//en wikipedia orgwikiEmergenoy_departmentistory http:/www haithgrades.comiratings-ant-awardsidata snuroe LOCKTON http://www.kantuckyonaheaith orgibody ctm?id-18kaction-cetails rat-342 Pitta:/www http://www.statemaster com/praphihea_tut hos percap-heal th-total-hosptals-ser-capita http:/www usatoday nomistery/newsination 201311.04tudy-cenvicalicancervaccine-one-shuti8428957 titto:/www.intonac comheaith-titnesstop-10-mont-important-nventions-of-the-21t-centuryin-medicine.htimi hito:/www.nytimes.oom/199901/26 usdoctors-inHousvile-perfonm-ation-s-irst-tund-transplanthtrPoagewanted-2 http:/weh archive orglweh 20110725103352hetp/ww.himwncancercenter org/NensReieasestabid/71/Detastaspid-165 http:/ technologytrat-may-leart-to gardani-altemativn fittp:/ ky-kantudkylouitwiliepagenumber-180-8inc-Louisvles2CHKY&t distance op-25at astance-25 N NOWSOURCING

Medical Miracles In Louisville

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Lots of medical miracles take place in Louisville, Kentucky. Learn all about them from this infographic.




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