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Maximize Your Memory with Brain Games

MAXIMIZE YOUR MEMORY with BRAIN GAMES MEMORY REALLY DOES SLOW WITH AGE! Slow-down starts Stress and lack of Age-related brain before age 30 sleep are partially changes also play to blame a role HOW DOES YOUR BRAIN stack up to A 20-YEAR-OLD'S? 2-3 times slower processing by age 60 5-8 times slower processing by age 80 This results in failing memory and fuzzy thinking BUMP YOUR BRAIN POWER with GAMES Exercising your brain builds extra brain connections Connections can be developed at any age More connections = clearer thinking. less dementia 2 CRITERIA for a GOOD BRAIN GAME 1. Must Be Challenging Game must hold your attention to be effective 2. Must Be Fun! You won't stick with it if it's boring 4 MEMORY-BOOSTING GAMES 1.HAND SWAP 2. CROSSWORD PUZZLES Perform activities with your non-dominant hand • Example: Brush your teeth using your left hand if you're right-handed Great workout for your brain Use memory and problem-solving skills 3.WORD GAMES 4.ONLINE GAMES • Use word-recall skills and creativity · Examples: Scrabble, Words With Friends, Scattergories • Matching games, reflex-challenge games, and more available for free • Use memory and boost processing speed TIPS FOR TAPPING BRAIN GAME POTENTIAL 1. Play often - daily, if possible 2. Change games regularly to keep them challenging PROVIDED BY linois Neurological Institute WWW.MIDWESTNEUROLOGICALEXPERTS.COM SOURCES:

Maximize Your Memory with Brain Games

shared by BrittSE on Nov 23
At age 60, the brain experiences 2 to 3 times slower processing than it does at age 20. This number increases to 5 to 8 times slower processing by age 80. Find simple games that can help you boost you...


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