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Master the Menopause

MASTER THE MENOPAUSE There are 3 stages of menopause: Peri- Post- menopause, when the ovaries start to produce less oestrogen and can last several years Menopause, which is I year after the last menstrual period, and the ovaries stop releasing eggs menopause, which is the years after menopause has ended and symptoms start to ease =COMMON SYMPTOMS= Inability to regulate body temperature, AKA “hot flushes" Loss of libido (sex drive), pain or discomfort during sex Palpitations, or heartbeats that are suddenly noticeable HEALTH RISKS Menopause carries an increased risk of: Osteoporosis and bone loss - the bones become very weak and easily broken or fractured Cardiovascular diseases e.g. high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, & higher risk of heart attack or stroke Urinary problems such as incontinence, and more frequent UTIS (urinary tract infections) NATURAL REMEDIES Keep active - regular exercise will help lift your mood & improve general health Quit smoking - it can make hot I flushes worse and may reduce the efficacy of HRT Eat plenty of fruit & vegetables, wholegrains, low fat dairy, nuts, lean meats and eggs Take Black Cohosh supplements to relieve symptoms, including hot flushes and irritability images by Flaticon

Master the Menopause

shared by simplyannie on May 01
This infographic shows the facts about menopause, the common symptoms and associated health risks, lifestyle tips for mastering the menopause, and also natural remedies which can help to alleviate any...



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