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Massive Health - Who Eats What

WHO EATS WHAT? FAVORITE FOODS OF THE WORLD THE WORLD'S MOST POPULAR FOODS ARE: 1. Salad 2. Chicken 4. Rice 5. Tea 6. Coffee 7. Milk 8. Eggs 9. Apple 10. Soup 11. Yogurt 12. Bread SF 3. Cheese 67.6% 3.0X MORE Health Rating* Caesar 3.1X MORE Crab 4.4X MORE SAN Brussel Sprouts FRANCISCANS 3.3X MORE EAT 4.4X MORE Sourdough BRUSSEL SPROUTS Cashews 3.4X MORE SAN FRANCISCANS EAT 3.4X MORE CASHEWS SALAD IS SAN FRANCISCO'S MOST POPULAR FOOD, ESPECIALLY CAESAR SALAD HEALTH COMPARISONS FOR THE U.S. When comparing favorite foods, it is easy to see why New York is the healthiest* city in the United States and why Philadelphia struggles with a high rate in obesity** NY Philadelphia residents really love their pretzels. In fact, they love them 4.8x more. 83.6% Š¯ealth Rating* 4.8X MORE Pretzels Arugula 3.6X 3.2X MORE MORE PHILLY RESIDENTS EAT 3.7X MORE BAGELS Cheddar 2.0X MORE Oatmeal 3.7X Bagels MORE NEW YORKERS EAT OATMEAL 2.0X MORE THAN Wheat 1.7X MORE OTHER CITIES 2.7X MORE Latte 3.7X Almonds MORE New Yorkers consume LATTES ARE PHILLY'S FAVORITE WAY TO STAY AWAKE 6.7x more coffee than other cities FOOD AROUND THE WORLD PEOPLE IN COPENHAGEN EAT 18.5X MORE RYE 18.5X MORE Rye 2.6X MORE 7.9X MORE Cabbage Carrots 3.1X MORE Almonds Sao Paulo eats 2.4x more beans 10.2X MORE Sao Paulo eats TOKYO EATS 3.7X MORE FISH Flax 4.8x more kale than other cities Kale 4.8X MORE Beans 2.4X MORE Fish Papaya Broccoli 16.8X MORE Miso 5.9X MORE 9.5X MORE 2.2X MORE TOKYO EATS 19.1X MORE UDON Tofu Udon 19.1X MORE Ramen 27.8X MORE Curry 7.3X MORE (We aren't sure yet why Tokyo got such a low rating) THE DATA FOOD DATA *HEALTHINESS **OBESITY RATING Data indicates Healthiness refers Data was obtained from 7.68M food. ratings from over 50 countries Obesity ratings were obtained from the Department of Health & Human Services, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention; Obesity rates are 2009 age-adjusted estimates of the % of adults who are obese how much more to the average popular a food item is compared to other cities shown percentile of fit/fat health ratings on the Eatery MASSIVE HEALTH ILLUSTRATED BY I Shot Him Sao Paulo 84.5% Health Rating* Philly 28.6% Health Rating* Copenhagen 89.3% Health Rating* Tokyo 30.3% Health Rating*

Massive Health - Who Eats What

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An info-graphic for data collected by Massive Health's app The Eatery. This specific graphic explores the different eating habits and desires of cities across the world.


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