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Malaria Bites. Bite Back!

Compassion in Jesus name MALARIA BITES. BITE BACK! WHAT DOES MALARIA FEEL LIKE? DID YOU KNOW? OIt starts with a quick, painless bite from a mosquito carrying the malaria parasite. O First symptoms are flu-like: headache, fever, Malaria = mal'aria, Italian for "bad air" nausea. Within minutes the parasite travels to the liver. Malaria has been around as long as we have. Some Egyptian mummies show signs of malaria. BUT IF IT GOES UNTREATED, MALARIA CAN LEAD TO: Abraham Lincoln had it. So did John F. Kennedy. SEVERE RESPIRATORY BRAIN LIVER ANEMIA DISTRESS INFECTION FAILURE Malaria killed a million SHOCK COMA SEIZURES soldiers in the U.S. Civil War. REMEMBER, ALL OF THAT FROM A PREVENTABLE, It killed more people in TREATABLE DISEASE. World War Il than combat. SO WHAT HAPPENED? DID YOUR GRANDPARENTS HAVE MALARIA? In 1946 the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) was founded specifically to combat malaria. They could put screens on their Americans had access to doctors. windows. Resources were available to Malaria was rampant in the United States well into the 1900s. In the 1930s, the U.S. drain swamplands where mosquitos bred. recorded millions of cases of malaria. By the 1950s, malaria halted in the U.S. BUT NOT IN THE REST OF THE WORLD. Why do so many people die from malaria? Why can't they go to the doctor? Why don't they get rid of the mosquitos? POVERTY 3.3 MALARIA HOT SPOTS Top 10 countries, reported confirmed malaria cases, 2010: BILLION PEOPLE UGANDA 11.1 MILLION - half of the world's 8.8 MILLION TANZANIA population- are at risk of malaria. CONGO 7.4 MILLION MALAWI PAR 6.9 MILLION BURKINA FASO 5.4 MILLION 655,000 KENYA 4.6 MILLION PAKISTAN 4.3 MILLION PEOPLE ZAMBIA 4.2 MILLION die each year from malaria - ETHIOPIA 4.1 MILLION AN ENTIRELY PREVENTABLE AND TREATABLE DISEASE. NIGERIA 3.9 MILLION EVERY 30 SECONDS, A CHILD DIES OF MALARIA. People living in the poorest countries are the most at risk to malaria. And children are the most vulnerable. SO WHAT DOES COMPASSION DO? We're glad you asked! More than half of the children we serve are at risk of contracting malaria. It's a very real problem, and we have implemented some very real solutions. ATE 21.0 Tr =PHYSICAL, SOCIAL I PREVENTION EDUCATION TREATMENT Treated mosquito nets are the simplest, most effective way to prevent malaria. Compassion makes sure each family who receives a net also receives an education. When a child contracts malaria, Compassion acts immediately. A child suffering from malaria How to use the net 23% reduction in malaria deaths reported among those using mosquito nets will receive: How often to replace it anti-malarial drugs How to get rid of mosquito breeding areas-puddles, standing water, etc. IV medication transfusions breathing treatments SO NOW THAT YOU'RE AN EXPERT ON MALARIA, WHAT WILL YOU DO? Consider supporting Compassion's Malaria Interventions program. Just $20 can provide a net, education and treatment for a child in poverty. SOURCES Compassion kangshaten f UNICEF, Kalser Family Foundation, National Geographic, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Malarla No More Lin Jesus name

Malaria Bites. Bite Back!

shared by g9ine on Jun 02
Created in conjunction with World Malaria Day (Apr. 25) as a conversation starter for the Compassion International Malaria Intervention Program.


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