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Making Sense of Dreams

Making Sense of Dreams DREAMSE Everybody has them--whether they remember them or not--but what do they mean? where do they come from? Here is the skinny on dreams and their meanings. 70% of females 65% of males REPORT HAVING RECURRING DREAMS This stage is - characterized by INSECURITY Non-rapid eye movements (NREM) O muscle relaxation, < slowed heart rate, and lowered body O temperature. The body is getting ready to enter deep sleep. FALLING Typically occur during 1st Stage of sleep FAILURE The immune system goes to work N repairing any w damage. Endocrine O glands secrete a growth hormones. E Blood is sent to the n muscles. The body achieves complete sleep. 2. IMPOTENCE ABSENT-MINDED DESIRE TRANSGRESSION An involuntary то CEASE wrong action accompanied by guilt TEETH FALLING M Still in the NREM w stage, this is an even O deeper sleep. The a body's metabolic levels are extremely U low. OUT FREEDOM Teeth fall out, grow crooked or rót POWER May be enjoyable.. LOSS OF BEAUTY FLYING V In this stage of sleep, known as REM or delta sleep, the eyes move back and forth érratically as if watching something 4 underneath the w eyelids. It occurs 90 - O 100 minutes after the onset of sleep. Blood pressure rises, heart rate increases, respiration becomes erratic, and brain activity jumps. Involuntary muscles become immobilized. The majority of dreaming happens during this stage. .. or difficult LACK OF CONFIDENCE CONTROL FREEDOM Pass... You might feel proud... TEST NAKED ... or fail ... or ashamed LACK OF CONFIDENCE VULNERABLE UNRESOLVED ANXIETY Being chased... THREAT NIGHTMARE CHASE Frightening, distressing, vivid, emotional ... or chasing UNMANAGED AMBITION ANXIETY EPIC Compelling, life-changing, profound, vivid, symbolic FALLING BEHIND INCREASING CHANGE SELF- ANTICIPATED AWARENESS References:; Popular_culture AWAKE STAGE 4

Making Sense of Dreams

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Have you ever had a dream that stuck with you for the rest of the day or even a week? Do you believe that your dreams have deeper meaning? Many experts agree that certain events in dreams can provide ...


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