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Make A Splash Take the plunge and jump in! Swimming is an excellent source of exercise for the entire body that's perfect for all ages, shapes, and sizes! SWIMMING SUPPORTS 90% OF A PERSON'S BODY WEIGHT, MAKING 14 IT LESS PAINFULTHAN OTHER WORKOUTS SWIMMING vs. TRADITIONAL WORKOUT SWIMMING RISKS RUNNING RISKS WEIGHT LIFTING RISKS Very low risk of injuries • Affects the entire body 3 • Affects the lower back, feet, knees, hips, and legs ? • Some strokes can affect • Can cause aortic dissection, blunt force trauma, strains the shoulders and elbows Fighting Obesity Two-thirds of adult Americans are overweight or obese. Exercising with added weight can be detrimental to the joints and bones. Fortunately, swimming is the perfect solution to the problem! A 200lb person that swims moderately A 300 LB PERSON THAT SWIMS FOR JUST 30 MINUTES CAN BURN ABOUT Swimming for just 30 mins can burn • Places no strain on leg joints • Good for blood circulation •Whole body exercise • Increases flexibility 338 calories • Strengthens the respiratory system and muscle tone ACCORDING TO DIET AND FITNESS TODAY. Burn 2 a pound a week by swimming for 30 mins for 4 days a week without a change in diet. Adding a healthy balanced diet that includes whole grains, green leafy veggies, fruits, and low or non-fat dairy products can kick start weight loss for a swimmer. 6 STROKES EXPLAINED Choose the part of the body you want to work out, grab the goggles and swim cap. and hit the water! Freestyle Backstroke Generates the greatest force Engages chest, lats, and back muscles Perfect for recovering after an intense workout Engages back, and hamstrings Breaststroke The Butterfly Good strengthening and cardiovascular workout Engages shoulder, chest, and lat muscles Good for fat burning and boosting metabolism Engages chest, back, core, and shoulder muscles BENEFITS OF OWNING A SWIM SPA V Less maintenance than a traditional pool V More convenient than community pool V Easy to install and move V Provides hours of swimming without flip turns or having to share a lane V Delivers a comfortable water temperature year-round HEALTH BENEFITS Trying to get fit and stay healthy? Suffering from pain and discomfort? Jump right in, the water's fine! 3 million people swim each week Improves Reduces • Muscle tone • Cardiovascular system · Flexibility • Cholesterol • Muscle stiffness • Arthritis pain • Chronic diseases • Fibromyalgia • Depression 2 million play football I 1.8 million ayce A heated pool • Relaxes muscles • Increases flexibility Can flush toxins after an endurance workout like running or cycling HISTORY OF SWIMMING Go back in time before the bikini was created to the prehistoric paintings of swimming native people. 7,000 year old painting depicts swimming 7,000 year old painting depicts swimming EN 1800 competitive swimming hit the US using the breaststroke Swimming competitions settle property rights in the American frontier 1896 First Olympic games to feature swimming 1908 The Federation Internationale de Natation is formed Fina Woter is Our UWorld 1930 The butterfly is introduced as an alternative to the breaststroke 1912 Women are able to swim in the Olympics 1943 The 2-piece swimsuit is created 1952 The butterfly is accepted as a separate style 10 Swimming freestyle stroke for half an hour can burn the same amount of calories as an 1976 Olympic Games allow swimmers to wear goggles " 8 MPH run 2008 Michael Phelps wins 8 gold medals in the Beijing Games, which is more than any swimmer in history 2012 Michael Phelps is the most decorated Olympian of all time 12 FAMOUS PROFESSIONAL SWIMMERS" eece Michael Phelps Mark Spitz Jenny Thompson Amy Van Dyken Dara Torres Missy Franklin lan Thorp Active swimmers that swim as a form of exercise are 20 YEARS YOUNGER 70%- of effort comes from the swimmer's upper body" than their actual age biologically. CELEBRITIES THAT EXERCISE BY SWIMMING Julia Roberts Mila Kunis Laetitia Casta Hillary Duff SOURCES 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Phelps 13. you should get_in_the_pool 14. 15. 16. 17. COPYRIGHT 2013 MICHAELPHELPSSWIMSPA.COM | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Make a Splash

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Make a Splash displays statistics and pros about swimming and water exercises.


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