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Make a Change in 2013

IT'S TIME FOR MAKE A WITH YOUR HOST THE NEW YEAR'S GAME SHOW WILL POWERS Hello America, are you ready to make a change? That time of year is upon us again. We're here to help! You're not alone in this. We have 10 fellow Americans ready to make a resolution, and make a change. Let's meet this year's line up! CONTESTANTS #1 #2 Manny Gross Howie Rex Manny isn't happy about his weight. He dreams of slimming back down to a 34 College was never a cake walk, but for a disorganized fella like Howie, it's near inch waist and turn- unbearable. He ing girls' heads like he used to do. Or so hopes to better plan his time and home- work this year. he tells us. # 3 # 4 Maria Audrey Ming Pennyworth Audrey faces a lot of expectation from her family to excel in school and piano, as well as work in the family business. This year, Audrey wants to follow her As both a diva and a house wife, Maria is used to getting her way. Unfortunately, her way is Gucci and Prada. She hopes to cut back on shopping this year, and so does her husband! dreams of becoming a fashion designer! # 5 #6 Ferecia Smith Pablo DelMar After finally giving birth, Ferecia has focused her atten- tion on losing the baby fat gained in pregnancy. Her plan is all laid out with exercise and diet- As an accountant, Pablo rarely finds the chance to enjoy his free time. This year, he wants to learn something new - surfing. He's already worked les- sons into his monthly budget! ing. She's one to watch out for! #7 # 8 Roland Piper Quinten Washington In true fisherman style, Roland has always fashioned a pipe in his mouth. As a High School principal, Quinten sees students struggle to make it to college every year. His hope is to start a charity that will help fund the first year of college for kids graduating from his school. But the habit has lost it's appeal as he has developed health problems. His goal is to say “Bon Voyage" to smoking this coming year. #9 #10 Anita Love Jason Quick Of life's many de- mands, Jason never seems to find the time for his family. His wife has urged It's a tale as old as time. Anita hopes that this will be the year she finds true love. She's made profiles on a few dating web sites in hopes that she'll find the man of her dreams. him to make this year different by always being home for family dinners, and keeping week- ends work-free. Now that we've met our contestants, let's take a look at some data we've STATISTICS collected about New Year resolutions in America from 2012. First we'll analyze how many Americans actually make New Year resolutions. We asked people to place them- selves into one of three groups. 45% usually infrequently 17% 38% never Of those who made resolutions, how many actually achieved them? Again, we divided the response into three different groups. 8% successful 49% mixed results 24% unsuccessful Resolutions come in all shapes and sizes, but we've found that most fall under one of four different categories. We've part -nered each category with it's popularity score*. *percentages exceed 100% due to people having more than one resolution. self weight money relationship improvement 46% 38% 34% 31% LET'S PLAY I think it's about time that we started. I have my predictions for the winner, do you? Alright, everyone get ready for the ball to drop in 3. 2. 1. 8 10 79 2 46 35 january It looks as if Maria is out of the contest. I guess those after- christmas deals proved fatal. february Manny and Howie both seem to be out. It's funny, neither of them had specific goals or plans. march april Roland broke his 3 month streak of being smoke free! He's too discouraged to try it again. may Audrey's dream of fashion design has burned out. Sewing is not one of her strong points. june With no funding in sight, Quinten's hope to help his students has come to an abrupt halt. july The goal for Jason to give more family time evaporated with a sudden promotion. august september Online dating didn't return desired results. With summer almost over, Anita feels unhopeful. october It's getting too cold to surf and Pablo can barely stand on the board. Perhaps next year! november december WIMER CONCRATULATIOS to Ferecia Smith Ferecia attained her goal weight that she set for herself a year ago. She credits her success to rigorous planning and a lot of outside help from friends. JOIN US Are you charged up to make a change? We sure hope so. Join the show by filling out the application below, and MAKE A CHANGE today! Full Name Describe your resolution. What's your inspiration? List 3 counselours. Give us a brief summary on how you plan to achieve your resolution? (these people will help to keep you on track throughout the year.) 3. Explain how you will know when you've achieved your resolution? Signature (put this up somewhere highly visible and start now!) sources

Make a Change in 2013

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Most of us make resolutios, but few of us keep them. Here's how to succeed.


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