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Lurie Center for Autism

Massachusetts General Hospital Lurie Center for Autism AUTISM AWARENESS Autism spectrum disorders (ASDS) are a group of communication and behavioral challenges developmental disabilities that can cause significant social, AUTISM IS THE FASTEST-GROWING DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITY 1 of 68 children with autism (2) MORE THAN Juvenile diabetes Childhood Pediatric cancer AIDS Autism is more common than childhood cancer, juvenile diabetes and pediatric AIDS combined. There is no known single cause for autism. MASS GENERAL RESEARCHERS With funding for autism research just a fraction that for many other childhood diseases, the pace of discovery is severely of hindered. Mass General is a hub of autism research. We are working to identify the causes and improve treatment of autism in children and adults. ADULTS WITH AUTISM There are more adults living with autism than children An additional 500,000 children with autism 111h. will become adults 10 years during the next decade + 500,000 THE LURIE CENTER The Lurie Center is one of the few autism clinics to offer services over a Lurie Center lifetime. Lurie Center clinicians are also preparing pediatric, medical, and surgical colleagues at Mass General to care for individuals with autism in primary and specialty care practices, as well as in emergency room settings. autism in adulthood Web News Videos Images Shopping More Search tools Lurie Center for Autism: Adulthood Parents of adults with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) often have many serious concerns about what the future holds for their children, even if they have carefully crafted an appropriate transition plan. ASD does not disappear at age 22. MEDICAL EXPENDITURES Medical expenditures for individuals with an ASD are, on average, 4-6 times greater than for those without an ASD. 100 100 Each patient visit requires a philanthropic subsidy of $100 With nearly 6,500 visits annually, the investment we make Without an ASD With in ensuring high quality care for every patient and family is significant an ASD 6,500 annually EARLY INTERVENTION SERVICES The Lurie Center has significantly expanded capacity to provide early diagnostic services, and as a result young children are able to access the services they need. The demand for early diagnostic services continues to be great. While continuing to expand these services the Lurie Center is also focused on educating the next generation of clinicians who will diagnose and care for individuals with autism over their lifetime. Currently there is no cure for autism, though the earlier children are diagnosed , the earlier they are able to receive early intervention services which have been shown to The cost of lifelong care can be reduced 2 by 2/3 with early 3 reduce the core symptoms of autism and improve IQ and daily functioning. intervention FOLLOWING A DIAGNOSIS Once parents are given a diagnosis, follow-up support is essential as they contend with an unfamiliar diagnosis and a new landscape of services and treatments as well as a range of complex emotions. The Lurie Center's Family Resource Team is a lifeline for our families. Team members are available to meet immediately following a diagnosis and follow up directly with families in the weeks after. THIS TEAM IS FULLY FUNDED In addition, the team helps families navigate the service and support network at each stage of their child's development. THROUGH PHILANTHROPY Give today to support DONATE TODAY the Lurie Center for Autism For every $1 donated the Nancy Lurie Marks Family Foundation will donate an additional $2 Give today at LURIE CENTER FOR AUTISM MASSACHUSETTS GENERAL HOSPITAL MassGeneral Hospital for Children MGH 1811 %24

Lurie Center for Autism

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Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are a group of developmental disabilities that can cause significant social, communication and behavioral challenges



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