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Lung Disease Costs Employers Money

LUNG DISEASE COSTS US EMPLOYERS MONEY Many potential causes of lung disease are found in the workplace, but they are easy to control with the proper measures, creating safer and healthier working conditions for all employees. COMMON LUNG DISEASES INCLUDE COPD AND INFLUENZA ASTHM╬Ĺ LUNG CANCER Nearly 11 MILLION workers are exposed to certain chemicals, irritants or allergen that are known to cause respiratory distress in their workplace. Each year in the U.S., approximately 5% to 20% of the population gets the Employers can save an estimated $3,400 per year for every individual who quits smoking. flu resulting in over 200,000 hospitalizations and anywhere from 3,000 to 49,000 deaths depending on the severity of the virus. ANNUAL COST IN THE U.S. $193 BILLION $10.4 BILLION $56 BILLION WORKPLACE EXPOSURES CAN HAZARDOUS AIR LUNG DISEASE IS AFFECTS EVERYONE CAUSE OR WORSEN COMMON AND NOT JUST PEOPLE LIVING WITH ASTHMA, COPD EXPENSIVE. AND LUNG CANCER. LUNG DISEASE. COMMON HAZARDS AT WORK THAT CAN CAUSE BREATHING PROBLEMS SECONDHAND SMOKE | SCENTED PERSONAL CARE PRODUCTS OUTDOOR AIR (OZONE, PARTICLE POLLUTION, NITROGEN OXIDES, SULFUR DIOXIDES) DIESEL VEHICLE EXHAUST CLEANING CHEMICALS AIRBONE PESTS (DUST MITES, MOLD AND HAZARDOUS DUST COCKROACHES, MICE) SUBSTANCES PROVIDING A HEALTHY WORK ENVIRONMENT WILL IMPROVE EMPLOYEE HEALTH AND WELL-BEING Adhere to federal health and safety guidelines and institute programs to prevent lung disease by eliminating hazardous substances at work. Establish a surveillance program to identify affected employees early. Train employees on potential workplace hazards, precautions to take and reporting problems. Eliminate smoking in the workplace. Offer benefits and smoking cessation programs to encourage employees and their family members to quit. Provide a comprehensive health benefit that provides coverage for proactive assessment and monitoring of chronic lung disease, reduces or eliminates out of pockets costs for medications and covers costs for Offer chronic disease self-management education programs to encourage employees and their family members to manage chronic lung disease. pneumonia and flu vaccines for employees and family members. Visit for education and resources including: The American Lung Association's Guide to Safe & Healthy Workplaces *AMERICAN LUNG ASSOCIATION. Fighting for Air

Lung Disease Costs Employers Money

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To raise awareness among employers and workplace wellness providers on the impacts of indoor and outdoor air quality and lung health. Included are common hazards at work and recommended strategies to ...


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