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Looking For A Lean Healthcare Materials Advantage?

LOOKING FOR A LEAN HEALTHCARE MATERIALS ADVANTAGE? CURRENT MATERIALS ISSUES CURRENT LABOR ISSUES Nurses walking per shift: Daytime walk 3.4 MILES 40-45% MATERIAL COSTS with 51% related to hunting, gathering and calling for supplies. Nighttime walk 2.2 MILES with 79% related to The cost of materials in Hospital Costs' hunting, gathering and calling for supplies. hospitals is 2ND only to labor." = 200 STEPS | 2640 STEPS = 1 MILE 40% 2tha 2004 205 25% 35% 44% PRTIENT CARE The cost of healthcare supplies jumped nearly 45 MIN 40% between 2003 and 2005. Nurses spend 44% of time on direct patient care. Which equates to an average of 3.5 HOURS per each 8-HOUR shift directly spent assisting the patient. If a nurse has 4 PATIENTS, there are only 45 TOTAL MINUTES during each shift to focus on patient care. ONE HOUR 20% Mobile Assets lost or stolen each year' A hospital clean supply room houses approximately 200 UNIQUE SKUS and/or 2000 CONSUMABLES. A supply clerk spends 1.5 HOURS on average each day counting supplies, resulting in 468 HOURS ANNUALLY to accomplish this task.“ LEAN MATERIALS MANAGEMENT BENEFITS HUNTING & GHITHERING Eliminates COUNT Counting MANUAL ELIMINATE First In A typical healthcare supplies KANBAN IMPLEMENTATION will result in reductions of 50% of the beginning First Out Reduces CONT EXP DATE Waste inventory within the first year. Reduces RFID Inventory & Increases 50% REDUCED VS Inventory Turns INVENTORY Decreases Overhead The KANBAN METHOD is an efficient, effective, visual system for managing materials. Using a "two-bin" Kanban system, users consume product as required. Upon emptying the first, or primary bin, the user triggers a call for additional stock. While materials management is working to replenish, the quantity remaining in the secondary bin satisfies usage until replenishment arrives. Improves Space Utilization RFID Reduces Working Capital Requirements Improves Availability of Supplies & Eliminates Stockouts COST OF MATERIALS EXPENSIVE MODERATE INEXPENSIVE Reduces Hunting Time for Clinicians 6 MONTHS PAYBACK 12 MONTHS PAYBACK 18 MONTHS PAYBACK Improves Quality of Care A typical hospital clean supply room, containing inexpensive materials, will have a ROI from Spacesaver's StockBox within 18 MONTHS of implementing the system.“ SOURCES: papersupinanh2Jaddar Spacesaver" Corporation is a division of brought to you in partnership with QogiTag StockBox is a US patent pending system of LogiTag System, LTD B00.492 3434 I I [email protected] Kl and Spacesaver are registared trademarks of Krueger International, Inc. O 2012 KI and Spacesaver Corporation. AlI Rights Reserved. SSC/DEL LeanHalthcare_0712 infographic_HC 2Met od tan Spply Chans nto hcan e Chuns ng a E e. t2n . n Tate on the Futun of uing at the tte af Medkine" OMcom. Ribet Waod Johran Foundtion, 10 Ot 2010. Web. 18ly 2012 d iomedapots2The futunof tingleadingChange ddanang Health apa 1 Kanedy MaeenS, and Tanny Worh. "The Ameican kounal ol uing' unak lecon The Anerian kounal of Nuning Sept 2004. Web. y 2012 demakmoonaporinetoo2000 4. Spaceaver Coponion. "Columbus Haptal Case Stud Spansamon Spacsaer e 5. leone. Geed andhu0 R Sle Maragement inthe OR Baulder CO. Flo Pb, 2011. P Cepcotion, 202 W 212 heelhep nHealtha Stage ScionHethan StogeCae Sudehn MATERIALS SHORTER TIME +VISIBILITY COUNTING PER PATIEN

Looking For A Lean Healthcare Materials Advantage?

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Lean management concepts are being explored in every facet of healthcare. One of the biggest areas for improvements is supply management and inventory control. New RFID solutions combined with lean Ka...




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