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Looking For A Cure For Cancer?

Why Isn't There a CURE FOR CANCER? Everyone has cancer cells in their body-it's only when the "c word" gets out of control that you've got a problem Our Immune System Is Fighting Off CANCER ALL OF THE TIME Cancer Is Not a Single Disease, BUT A FAMILY OF RELATED DISEASES Normal cells Cancer cells Damaged cells survive when they would normally die & leave the body Cancerous cells divide without New cells continue to form stopping & overwhelm the immune system where they are not needed In the US Alone Cancer Is Cancer Is a Genetic Mutation THE 2ND LEADING DATING BACK THOUSANDS OF YEARS CAUSE OF DEATH 1.7 MILLION YEARS AGO Earliest evidence of cancer in human fossil record I OUT OF 2 MEN I OUT OF 3 WOMEN Osteosarcoma bone cancer found in ancient human toe 3000 BC will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime Early Egyptian historical reference to cancer Egyptian scrolls state "There Is No Treatment" for breast cancer IN 2016 1.7 MILLION ROUGHLY 595,690 460-370 BC Carcinoma people will die from cancer new cancer cases are Hippocrates, Greek physician called "the Father of Medicine," first mentions the term expected to be diagnosed - Genetic Precursors, Harmful Substances, & Several Viruses Can INCREASE THE CHANCES OF HAVING CANCER More than 100 known substances are carcinogenic Viruses like Hepatitis, HPV, & HIV are linked to increasing the chances of some cancers Less than 15% of all cancers are linked purely to heredity There are over 100 different forms of cancerous diseases Your Diet TAKES A TOLL, TO! ! "Food" for cancer cells Research suggests a Western diet increases the chances of getting cancer Diets high in sugar/fructose, saturated fat, & red meat act as 'fuel for cancer cell growth Adding more vegetables, lean meats, & whole grains to your diet can boost your immune system and reduce your risk of cancer Only 25% of Chinese women get breast cancer compared to women in the US IN 2014 ALONE, $100 BILLION WAS SPENT GLOBALLY ON CANCER RESEARCH With All the Brilliant Minds Looking for a Cure WHY HAVEN'T WE FOUND ONE YET? - There Is No Single Solution, Drug, or Therapy to - THE CANCER CONUNDRUM IT'S NEARLY INVISIBLE TO THE IMMUNE SYSTEM Our immune system recognizes cancer cells as our own, so it doesn't attack them THERE ISN'T AN EASY WAY TO TRIGGER CELLULAR DEATH Different genes are responsible for different types of cancers, so each cancer requires different treatment OUR BODY IS TRICKED INTO FEEDING CANCER DIFFERENT CANCERS CAN FORM IN THE SAME PART OF THE BODY Cancer cells contain mostly normal DNA, so blood vessels form to feed cancer tissue e.g, multiple types of breast cancer can form from breast cells ONE TYPE OF CANCER CAN AFFECT MULTIPLE PARTS OF THE BODY Called cellular metastasis Advancements in DNA Research Mean We Are Entering THE GOLDEN AGE OF CANCER TREATMENT One Day Detecting Cancer Will Be as Easy as Scanning a Barcode NEW BLOOD TESTS MAKE EARLY DETECTION EASIER 5 mutations per million cells in healthy people Detect genetic mutation of proteins on the surface of blood cells Mutations signify the presence of cancer before symptoms Occur 50-100 mutations per million in cancer patients IT'S KIND OF LIKE HOW SMOKE SIGNALS THE PRESENCE OF A FIRE Personalized Cancer Treatments Are Moving Toward INDIVIDUAL CURES & AWAY FROM GENERAL TREATMENTS VACCINES PROVOKE THE IMMUNE SYSTEM TO FIGHT BACK In early trials this effectively kills & removes dead cancer cells Viruses are Tricks the immune reprogrammed to target & attach to cancer cells response into thinking a live virus is in the body IMMUNOTHERAPY PRODUCES BIOLOGICAL AGENTS TO MIMIC THE BODY'S IMMUNE RESPONSE Biological agents that occur in the body are recreated in a Injected at cancer cells to mimic the natural immune Directly affect cancer growth or help healthy cells control cancer cells laboratory response TARGETED THERAPIES ATTACK THE CELLULAR MECHANISMS OF THE DISEASE Growth Signal Inhibitors: Angiogenesis Inhibitors: Apoptosis Inducing Drugs: Block cellular ability to divide & multiply Stop tumors from making new blood vessels they need to grow Encourage the natural process of cellular death DOCTORS & SCIENTISTS ARE WORKING TIRELESSLY TO BEAT CANCER-BUT IT WON'T HAPPEN TOMORROW SOURCES lines/news/2016-06-02-research-raises-hope-of-a-holy-grail-universal-cancer-vaccine DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING

Looking For A Cure For Cancer?

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Cancer is more difficult to cure than you might think. It is a series of related diseases, not just one disease, complicating things greatly.


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