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A Look at Bunions

A LOOKO BUNIONS WHAT IS A BUNION? I A bony formation on the joint at the base of the big toe CAUSES Overly tight shoes like high heels 4.4 million people report having bunions 9 out of 10 bunions affect every year women Genetics Flatfoot Arthritic Age conditions Bunions are most common in seniors O SYMPTOMS Red or calloused skin on the big toe's inside edge Pain around the big toe joint Bony protrusion at the big toe joint Abnormal angle of the big toe 9 PREVENTION Only wear shoes that fit ------ Shoes should Broad-toed and Avoid high fit the shape of your foot soft-soled heels and oth shoes are best pointed shoes Perform foot exercises to strengthen your feet + TREATMENT Use cushioned pads to protect the area Ice the affected area 2-3 times a day Consult your podiatrist • Foot surgery may be an option • Surgery removes swollen tissue and straightens the big toe Sources: Infographic Provided By: 002211/ ents/understanding-bunions-treatment midtownpodiatry 001/2001-06-06-bunions-main.htm#more

A Look at Bunions

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4.4 million people report having bunions each year. 9 out of 10 bunions affect women—uncomfortable high heels are a major cause of this foot condition. To learn more about the symptoms and preventio...


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