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A Long and Winding Road: The Pursuit of a TB Cure for People Living with HIV

THE PURSUIT OF A START Like many people living with HIV, you have fewer bacteria in your cough sample, so the TB test is inconclusive. You TB CURE are referred to a hospital for a chest x-ray. You are a person living with HIV/AIDS who is feeling generally ill with a fever, night sweats, and a cough. FOR PEOPLE LIVING WITH HIV DO YOU RECEIVE A CHEST X-RAY? DO YOU RECOGNIZE THESE ARE SYMPTOMS OF TB? The TB screening reveals you may have TB. You are referred to a laboratory in another community for a TB test. REQUIRED: REQUIRED: THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD ARE YOU TESTED FOR TB? Your x-ray shows you have TB. You are directed to a TB REQUIRED: clinic to start treatment, You take the day off work and head to your local HIV clinic to find out what is causing these symptoms. commonly referred to as DOTS (Directly 0bserved Therapy Short-course). ARE YOU STARTED ON TREATMENT? ARE YOU SCREENED FOR TB? N. REQUIRED: REQUIRED: You are placed on treatment for six months. As part of DOTS, you are required to visit the TB clinic every day to have a nurse observe you taking your medication. You are NOT successfully cured of tuberculosis, the leading killer of people living with HIV. You are one of the fortunate people with HIV to be cured of TB. REQUIRED ICON KEY: In 2011, 75% of people with HIV and TB co-infection were not HEALTH EDUCATION TRANSPORTATION successfully treated for TB. One of the main barriers to TB care is getting properly diagnosed. Integrating TB sCreening and testing into HIV clinics is the most effective way to ensure people living with HIV are properly diagnosed with TB, but support should not stop at diagnosis. Community-based treatment programs where health workers provide medicine, food, and psychosocial support are essential to ensuring all people living with HIV and TB co-infection have access to care and treatment. In 2011, only 25% of people (+) with HIV and TB co-infection DO YOU COMPLETE were cured of TB. More people can be cured of TB if we TB TREATMENT? remove barriers to care such TIME TRAINED CUNC STAFF NUTRITONAL SUPPORT as lack of transportation, time, and nutritional support. REQUIRED: ACTIONOCACY PARTNERSHIP GLOBAL HEALTH

A Long and Winding Road: The Pursuit of a TB Cure for People Living with HIV

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If you think this graphic is confusing, imagine if you are a person living with HIV seeking to be cured from tuberculosis. TB is the leading killer of people with HIV. Despite being a curable dise...




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