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The link between BMI and your health

THE LINK BETWEEN BMI AND YOUR HEALTH Adult BMI chart By U.S. medical standards, these BMI measurements are applicable to all adults aged 20+ years. < 18.5 18.5-24.9 25-29.9 30-39.9 > 40 UNDERWEIGHT NORMAL OVERWEIGHT OBESE MORBIDLY OBESE 5'8" An individual who weighs 260 pounds and is 5'8" in height (68 inches) would calculate BMI in the following manner: How to calculate your BMI 260 1. Multiply your current weight in Ibs. by the number "703." LB 260 x 703 = 182.780 182,780 / 68 = 2,687 2,538 / 68 = 39 2. Divide the result by your height in inches. Divide that result by your height in inches once again. The individual has a BMI of 39, and is considered obese. Risk factors linked to high BMI Type 2 diabetes Stroke Individuals who have BMIS Hypertension that fall into the overweight and obese ranges are at High LDL “bad" cholesterol Low HDL "good" cholesterol higher risk for: Heart disease High triglyceride levels Cancer (especially endometrial, breast, Gallbladder disease and colon cancers) Osteoarthritis Joint pain Obstructive sleep apnea Asthma Facts about BMI Older adults tend to have more body fat than younger adults at the same BMI Athletes may have higher BMIS as a result of having more muscle mass Women tend to have more body fat than men at the same BMI MS Mississippi has the highest obesity rate at 34.0% Colorado has the lowest Co obesity rate at 21.0% Sources: | CarePoint Health BBIGSHOT INBOUND

The link between BMI and your health

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Body mass index (BMI) is a guideline used by health professionals and bariatric surgeons to determine the overall health of an individual in terms of weight and body fat. BMI is calculated using a rat...


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