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Let There Be Sight

Let There Be Sight THE BENEFITS OF A 20/20 WORLD 80% BLINDNESS IN THE WORLD 39 MILLIONS BLIND 246 90% VISUALLY IMPAIRED MILLIONS 285 MILLIONS VISUALLY IMPAIRED are located in DEVELOPING COUNTRIES UNCORRECTED REFRACTIVE ERRORS Myopia Hypermetropia Astigmatism Presbyopia Conditions that 33% #1 make it so an image is blurred when refracted of the world's impairment Cause for age 5-15 onto the retina SUFFER 153 omVISUAL MILLIONS IMPAIRMENT 544 NEAR VISUAL MILLIONS IMPAIRMENT CATARACTS A clouding of the eye lens that prevents the passage of light through the pupil 48% 33% |18 MILLIONS BLIND PEOPLE ARE EFFECTED of the world's blindness of visual impairment GLAUCOMA An umbrella term for various conditions that result in damage to the optic nerve 60.5 4.5 in 2010 MILLIONS MILLIONS SUFFERED BECAME BLIND BY GLAUCOMA CHILDHOOD BLINDNESS An early prevention can reduce childhood blindness 40% 1.4 ASIA AFRICA preventable childhood blindness MILLIONS BLIND CHILDREN WORLDWIDE 0.3 MILLIONS MILLIONS 1y 500,000 CHILDREN 60% of children die within one year of being blind GO BLIND STEPS TOWARD FIXING THIS PROBLEM We NEED More Clinical Refractionists! 47,000 18,000 167,000 ADDITIONAL REFRACTIONISTS OPHTHALMIC DISPENSERS TO MANUFACTURE THE LENSES NOW NEED MOST OF THESE ARE IN THE DEVELOPED WORLD COONTRIES What would be the COST? EDUCATION FACILITIES & PROPER TRAINING =28.5 over 5 YEARS BILLIONS approx. Costly Venture? IMPACT is STARTLING! WITHOUT 28.5 28.5 SO, HOW MUCH IS BILLIONS DOLLARS 202 BILLIONS DOLLARS INVESTMENTS, REFRACTIVE ERRORS WILL COST.. 1/75th of the GDP of the U.S. BILLIONS PER 1 YR IT IS the GDP of Ireland INVESTMENT of $28,000,000 (5 TM in YRS RETURNS $1,000,000,000,000 initial invesment would bring Create thousands of jobs Improve the working conditions, and safety, of countless manual laborers and craftsman in developing countries Improve the living conditions of millions of people worldwide, giving them the ability to function at the level at which everyone deserves To get more information, please visit:

Let There Be Sight

shared by eliypark on Feb 27
This project is an infographic design based on data received regarding blindness all over the world.


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