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Learn To Read Your Baby’s Tired Signs

Learn torRead Your Baby's Tired Signs 2 Young children get overtired easily. When they do, they find it harder to get to sleep. Once you can spot those telltale signs of tiredness, you'll be able to settle your child to sleep before crankiness sets in. Hand movements Baby's use their hands in a variety of ways to attempt self-soothing and express tiredness; rubbing eyes, clenching fists, pulling ears and sucking fists. 2, Reduced activity Losing interest in people, toys and playtime. Generally her overall demeanour will appear quieter in this state. Look for her lying down or slumping in her seat. Jerky body movements Especially in the arms, showing she is tired and losing control over her muscles. 4 Staring Does baby seem glazed or unfocused? Or perhaps she's watching television with a blank expression. 5 Excessive fussiness or crying Often an indicator of an overtired baby - grizzling, whining and crankiness indicate that it's time for her to have a nap. 6. Easily frustrated (older babies) 'Spirited' babies have a low frustration tolerance and quickly escalate to the point of distress if their needs are not quickly met. 7 Becoming over active (older babies) Loss of coordination - bumping into things, falling over, spilling things (more than usual). A baby in this state may take longer to settle. 8. Clinging She may want to be held constantly. She might not be content for you to remain seated while holding her, but rather fuss unless you walk around while holding her, or rock her in some way. Facial expressions Keep a sharp lookout for the following early tired ´signs - grimacing, frowns and yawning.

Learn To Read Your Baby’s Tired Signs

shared by ewindsor on Aug 25
Learning how to read the tell-tale signs that your baby is tired can be difficult. The 9 tips in my Infographic will help you settle your child sooner so everyone gets the rest they need.




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