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Learn to Advance Your Nursing Career Path in a Meaningful Way

why Get Your Master's in Nursing? A master's degree in nursing can open upa multitude of opportunities for nurses. Now is a great time to think about where you want your career to go. Learn to Advance Your Career Path in a Meaningful Way A bachelor's or certificate in nursing provides you with an excellent, general base of knowledge. With a master's in nursing, you can choose a specialization that best suits your personal interests while advancing your career. Clinical Nurse Leaders Clinical Care Coordinators Care Managers Collaborate with other nursing staff to enable cost-effective, high-quality care Coordinate patients' care plans through doctors, nurses, and other health professionals Work on the "big picture" to make sure that patients receive the best care Improve the standard health care model Ensure timely, high-quality patient outcomes Coordinate appropriate resource use 998 Patient Educators Nurse Managers Patient Care Coordinators Educate patients and communities about preventative health and wellness Recruit, manage, and retain nursing staff Ensure patient satisfaction and quality care Collaborate with doctors on care Employ customer service, human Assist families and patients resources, and management skills Risk Managers Case Managers Manage general liability processes Ensure optimal long-term patient care Assess risk exposure for health care facilities Usually specialize in particular patient Oversee and direct quality assurance programs groups, such as those with cancer Investigate complaints and malpractice claims Economic Benefits The salary of an RN can stall at a certain point. In order to keep earning more, a master's degree is essential. $20,000 $40,000 $60,000 $80,000 $10,0000 $64,690 According to the U.S. Department of Labor, this was the median pay for an RN in 2010 $70,000 Typical salary of a Nurse Manager $84,000 TYpical salary of a Clinical Nurse Leader $60,000 - $90,000 Starting salaries of MSN nurses BSN holders can see a wage increase of nearly $40 an hour by earning an MSN Personal Satisfaction and Impact Increased Need As the U.S. experiences an increasing deficit of physicians, MSNS can fill in the gaps. Most importantly, many nurses pursue a master's for the same reason they became nurses: to provide meaningful care for others. The U.S. could A master's degree enables you to: 2$ save up to $8.75 billion www if MSNS were used appropriately instead of physicians Ensure adequate care by filling in for scarce physicians Provide better and more comprehensive care to each patient MSNS and advanced As a Clinical Nurse Leader, you can: practice nurses are in especially high demand in medically underserved areas, where they can serve as lower-cost primary care providers Identify problems and implement institutional change Improve the health care delivery system Interested In Pursuing Higher Education? Thankfully, getting an advanced degree has never been easier. linil Search for an Look for online courses Seek out financial aid or federal grants to help fund your education accredited school that designed for nurses working full-time offers your preferred career path A master's degree in nursing isa step toward bettering yourself, your patients, and your community. Make an investment in your future today! Sources • masters-in-nursing

Learn to Advance Your Nursing Career Path in a Meaningful Way

shared by mrchibolin on Jul 12
An exploration of a few career paths available to nursing professionals as a result of continued education. Additionally, it highlights job outlook, economical benefits, personal satisfaction and othe...


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