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Leaky Gut: The Secret Illness

the SECRET ILENESS that may be causing all of your health problems THE HUMAN BODY IS 6. 10. SUPER COMPLEX THERE ARE OVER 7500 Terminologia Anatomica 1. COXAL 2. ANTECUBITIS 3. POLLEX 4. CARPUS 5. UMBILICIUS the international standard on human anatomic terminology NAMED PARTS OF THE HUMAN BODY 6. MAMMA 7. FEMUR 8. PES 9. AXILLA 10. THORCIS 11. SURA Tylorus 12. CRUS Lienal 12. Our understanding of each part evolves over time FOR EXAMPLE: MEDICAL OPINIONS CHANGE OVER TIME THE -Terminal part of ilcocolie APPENDIX Ceral hranche is not actually useless Eleel brunches VERMIFORM APPENDIX IN IN 1859 2013 Appendicular ermifurm prootar Charles Darwin hypothesized the appendix Duke University Medical Centre researchers to be a useless body part for digesting discovered that the appendix is a "safe-house" for our beneficial digestive bacteria. leaves no longer in our diet. After our immune system kills the threat, the beneficial bacteria come out and When we get sick, our crucial bacteria need a place to hide instead of being wiped out by a nasty infection. repopulate our digestive system. No wonder doctors MISDIAGNOSES have such difficulty diagnosing patients Common proverb drilled into medical students "WHEN YOU HEAR HOOFBEATS, THINK HORSES, NOT ZEBRAS." Result: They miss the zebras IT'S ESTIMATED THAT 10% - 20% OF ALL CASES ARE MISDIAGMOSED 28% OF THE /0 MISDIAGNOSES LIFE THREATENING PERMANENT or DEATH were RESULT IN DISABILITY AFUS MISDIAGNOSIS That's more than die of breast cancer annually ACCOUNTS FOR BETWEEN 40,000 to 80,000 HOSPITAL DEATHS ANNUALLY UNDIAGNOSED ILLNESS THAT ELUDES DEFINITION IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO MEASURE WHAT IS NOT UNDERSTOOD If undiagnosable, assumed to be rare or a "Zebra" 200,000 7,00 Some rights reserved by John St John Photography Some rights reserved by Smudge 9000 There are over US definition of a single "rare disease" affects up to known How rare rare is rare? diseases "Americans RARE, MISLABELED, OR MISUNDERSTOOD? From "Zebra" to “Horse" - Diagnosis history for CELIAC DISEASE FIRST CENTURY AD 1960s EARLY 1980s LATE 1980s EARLY 1990s TODAY (2,000 YEARS LATER) Celiac Disease thought to be a associated with became universal acceptance Celiac disease is estimated discovered by rare childhood other conditions, to be quite common diagnosable with 95% accuracy that it is an Aretaeus of syndrome mostly autoimmune autoimmune condition with known trigger (gluten) autoantigen (tissue transglutaminase) Cappadocia disorders such as 1% of Americans have Celiac Disease type 1 diabetes (3 million+ diagnosed) who have celiac disease are undiagnosed or misdiagnosed with of americans other conditions 83%% THE AVERAGE TIME A PERSON WAITS 6 - 10 YEARS TO BE CORRECTLY DIAGNOSED Living with an undiagnosed or misdiagnosed health issue is ONE OF THE WORST THINGS IMAGINABLE. On top of being sick indefinitely without a foreseeable cure 3. 4. 5% REMOVED FROM THE SOCIAL CIRCLE • Prolonged and difficult to explain absences WHEN DIAGNOSIS DOESN'T WORK, EXTENDED SEARCH FOR TREATMENT IS EXPENSIVE • Hospital stays • Specialists • Labs WORK LIFE SUFFERS • Extended leave • Docked or removed pay • Inability to focus outside of symptoms MENTALLY, LONG TERM UNDIAGNOSED PATIENTS OFTEN IT'S BECAUSE OFTEN FACE • Depression • PTSD • Looming fear of death • Defending that symptoms are not being faked THE SYMPTOMS DON'T MATCH THE • "Out of the loop" alienation • Stigmas attached to illness • Strained friends and family inadvertently get bored and impatient • Prescriptions ROOT CAUSE Some rights reserved by Rochelle, just rochelle THERE HAS BEEN A RISE IN UNDIAGNOSABLE DISEASE ALL DISEASE BEGINS IN THE GUT This is called: LEAKY GUT Normal tight junction Leaky and Inflamed Intestinal Mucosal Cells Hippocrates Father of Western Medicine Blood Stream Circulating Immune Complex Inflammation Autoimmunity Blood Brain Barrier Breach Malabsorption & nutrient deficiency INTESTINAL LINING BECOMES MORE POROUS [LEAKY) MY GUTS CAN LITERALLY LEAK??? Americans with diseases commonly associated with Leaky Gut Lets food waste, toxins, and bacteria into your bloodstream Due to the wide variety of complications Autoimmune Diseases 24 MILLION at hapnens toxins within the bloodstream cause Digestive Diseases 64 MILLION Symptom range Found in association with chronic diseases: 133 MILLION Chronic Diseases • Asthma • Headaches • Fatigue • Anxiety • Depression • Digestive issues • Weight problems • Skin issues • Psoriasis • Chronic fatigue syndrome • Heart failure in 2005 • Diabetes • Rheumatoid arthritis • Irritable bowel syndrome • Joint pain • Kidney disease 157 MILLION Chronic Diseases • Joint pain by 2020 19 COMMON LEAKY GUT TRIGGERS WHAT IS CAUSING LEAKY GUT IN AMERICANS? IDENTIFIED SO FAR FROM THE 10,000+ PUBLISHED PAPERS ON "INTESTINAL PERMEABILITY." STRESS MEDICINE "Stress increases intestinal antibiotics, and NSAIDS (Advil or Motrin) permeability.. Resulting in release of many proinflammatory mediators." TRIGGER HIGHLIGHTS Journal of physiology and pharmacology, 2011 DIET Junk food and wheat (Glucose, Gliadin) The average american eats over 130 Ibs of wheat every year SO, WHAT CAN I DO ABOUT IT? Diet is NOT the only thing that matters for fixing a leaky gut 2% 3 REDUCE STRESS REBUILD GUT FIX ROOT CAUSES Leaky Gut is a serious and important problem to address for great health. To learn more visit: SOLVING OLEAKY GUT rebuild digestion - increase energy boost brain power DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING eserved by D_ Some rights reserved by Leon Fishman Some rights reserved by Elisa . ADRK SKINS FRIED Cja4 Ág panjeses subu ewog Sorme rights reserved by Sander van der Wel Some rights reserved by Delphine Ménard

Leaky Gut: The Secret Illness

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This infographic looks at how leaky gut may be what's causing all of your health problems.


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